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Get your dream home in Emlaak Konut project, with installments up to 10 years

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With the rapid growth of Istanbul as one of the most prominent economic and cultural centers in Turkey, the real estate market is witnessing a significant increase in the demand for homes. However, many homeless people may face a challenge in obtaining housing in this vibrant city. And now, a wonderful opportunity that we present to you, which is the Emlak Konut project, as it provides an innovative and attractive solution for these individuals, as it allows them to obtain a house in Istanbul with easy installments. This exciting investment opportunity gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the rising real estate value and provide a comfortable and secure home in this modern city.

An excellent investment opportunity in the real estate market in Istanbul

In the world of real estate investment, there is no doubt that Istanbul plays a vital role. It is a modern and thriving city, where investors from all over the world flock to in search of lucrative investment opportunities. With the high demand for houses in Istanbul, getting a house in Istanbul may seem difficult, especially for people who do not have previous homes.

However, there is reason for optimism. The Emlak Konut project offers you an exceptional investment opportunity and is considered one of the wonderful government projects for those who do not own homes in Istanbul. This project provides an opportunity to acquire a house in easy installments and on easy terms. It aims to empower individuals who want to settle down and own their own home in Istanbul, whether it is to live in or to invest in the vibrant real estate market.

The distinguished Emlak Konut project is a unique and attractive investment opportunity, as it combines a prime location, modern design, and easy installments. The project is located in modern Istanbul, in areas characterized by advanced infrastructure and the presence of necessary facilities and services. Thus, it provides the residents with easy access to schools, hospitals, shops, public transportation and more.

Emlak Konut project offers many diverse housing options, ranging from luxury one-bedroom apartments to luxury villas. No matter the size of the family or the available budget, the project will provide all the modern amenities that you could desire or dream of

Houses by the sea in Türkiye are an opportunity for tourism and investment

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A great opportunity to own your home in comfortable installments in the heart of Istanbul

project "Emlak ConnaughtIt is a new project that allows those who do not own homes in Istanbul to get a home in affordable installments. The project is located on an area of 2.5 million square meters in Arnavutkoy, near Istanbul Airport.

Large government projects such as “My First Home and My First Place of Work” and “My New Home” were implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, and these projects were the largest housing movement in the history of the Republic aimed at citizens owning homes.

Citizens who meet the requirements of the project can apply to it through the company's website before June 2. Only a fee of 1,000 TL will be charged. The new project allows citizens who do not have a home in Istanbul

Get a home with easy payment terms in the long term. Applicants who meet the conditions can become homeowners in the project with a down payment of 20% and the amount in installments over 120 months in installments starting from 7,500 TL.

Conditions require applicants to have residence in Istanbul without home registration registered with the family (spouses), and not to transfer the title deed in the past year. Sale of the house after five years will be allowed only in cases of force majeure. 20% will be allocated as a special share for youth, 5% for citizens with disabilities, and 5% for relatives of martyrs and veterans of the total number of housing.

There is no income requirement for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to be able to own a home. Apartments of various sizes will be provided in the project, including 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartments, and the beneficiaries will be selected by lottery.

The project will provide all modern amenities such as regional parks, living spaces, squares, activity areas, religious facilities, education, health, sports areas, social and cultural facility areas, pedestrian and bicycle paths to be enjoyed by people of all ages.


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Features of the distinctive Emlak Konut project in the heart of Istanbul

One of the most important advantages of the Emlaak Konut project, this distinctive residential project, is the provision of easy installments. It gives opportunity to the buyers to pay low and easy monthly installments instead of paying the full amount up front. This means that there will be no great financial pressure on the buyer, but rather he will be able to allocate more financial resources to invest in other important matters.

The Emlak Konut project is considered one of the wonderful government projects, as it provides an opportunity for individuals to realize the dream of settling and owning property in Istanbul in an easy way and with comfortable installments. Regardless of the economic or social background of the individuals, everyone can take advantage of this opportunity to own a home in Istanbul and benefit from the vibrant real estate value of this ancient city.

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul with installments are an ideal opportunity for investment

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A reliable investment and an opportunity for everyone, do not miss the opportunity

In short, the Emlak Konut project is one of the distinguished government projects that provides a wonderful opportunity for those who do not own homes in Istanbul to invest smartly and own a home in affordable installments. This investment opportunity gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from government projects in Istanbul and achieve the dream of settling and owning property in this beautiful and developed city. Take the initiative now and invest smartly in the Emlak Konut project, the growing real estate market in Istanbul, and get your own home in easy installments, and enjoy comfort and security in the heart of this modern city.

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