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All services are free for life, real estate consultations, feasibility studies, real estate tours until you decide what suits you best, property management services, legal advice from our team consisting of a group of Turkish lawyers

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Mada Real Estate Company is a Turkish company specialized in real estate consulting and mediation, and it has many agreements with most of the major construction companies in Istanbul. Our experience began in 2014, and we expanded until our projects covered the most famous Turkish cities with the highest investment returns, and won the confidence of investors as well as major construction companies.

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All the company's dealings with reliable construction companies and projects are guaranteed by the Turkish government. Do not take commissions from the buyer or investor. Honesty in giving advice. Mention the pros and cons of projects with all credibility

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We believe that real estate is a safe investment Bezel Life, a company was launched Bezel For real estate investment and development from the Turkish city of Istanbul, and over years of experience, effort and endeavor, and gaining the confidence of investors, the company’s services and branches have expanded to a number of Turkish states. like: Antalya, Izmit, and Trabzon, in addition to Dubai and even South Africa, present a package of its distinctive projects in the most vibrant regions, which exceeded... 400 A project to meet the needs of its customers. Its activity developed to include the field of construction and real estate development, and it began with a project Bella Residence, She is now working on a project Maydan Residence It is located at the entrance to the largest Turkish government project (Istanbul Canal) and is distinguished by its charming views of the sea and lake.

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