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Residential complexes in Beylikduzu and its most important features

The best residential complexes in Beylikduzu Residential complexes in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is located in the European section of Istanbul, directly on the highway and with views of the marine marina. Residential complexes are distributed in all parts of Beylikduzu, including those with sea views and others on the direct main road known as E5.

What are the advantages of living in residential complexes in Beylikduzu?

The region is witnessing a great boom in the field of real estate investment. Residential complexes in Beylikduzu are characterized by their organized buildings and the presence of green spaces between these complexes and spacious gardens.

Perhaps the most important feature that distinguishes it is its vital location, its charming views of the Marmara Sea, and its proximity to the Metrobus line, which is the most important means of transportation in Istanbul, which connects the European side to the Asian side and operates around the clock.


What are the types of real estate within residential complexes in Beylikduzu?

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the city of Beylikduzu Istanbul is the diversity of real estate in it, from apartments to private villas to integrated villa complexes, so Beylikduzu is a major destination for many investors.


What are the neighborhoods and areas in which the most important residential complexes in Beylikduzu are distributed?

Beylikduzu municipality consists of ten districts called Mahalle in Turkish, five of which extend

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along the sea coast, namely:

  • Gurpinar district
  • Dirazi district
  • Marmara district
  • Coast neighborhood
  • Yakuplu district

And five others are distributed between the heart of the municipality or its northern outskirts on the borders of the main road, and they are:

  • Adnan Qahwaji neighborhood
  • Republic district
  • Kavakli district
  • Paris district
  • Industrial city district

With the exception of the industrial area, all areas and neighborhoods are largely inhabited, and are distributed among them Residential complexes in Beylikduzu.

The largest residential complexes in Beylikduzu, get to know them

What are the most important residential complexes in Beylikduzu?

Residential complexes in Beylikduzu vary between complexes with sea views of the Marmara Sea, complexes on Beylikduzu Marina, and residential complexes in Beylikduzu with a view of the main road and the metrobus line, and perhaps one of the most important projects in Beylikduzu is the Deniz Istanbul project with a full sea view of Marina Belek Duzu, the Marmara Avlari project, and the Palm Marine project.


Adnan Kahveji Beylikduzu area:

The locality of Adnan Kahwaji in Beylikduzu is one of the famous areas in Beylikduzu, and many residential complexes are distributed in Beylikduzu, and the high demand for this area is due to the beauty of its nature, the organization of its streets, and its various services that meet the needs of the family.


Beylikduzu location and transportation:

The resident of the city of Istanbul is aware of the great congestion in the city, especially in the areas that form the heart of the city, such as the Fatih, Eyup, Beyoglu, Sisli and other areas, to find great comfort in residing in the areas that are located on the outskirts of the city and close to the main roads. It is approximately 35 km, and the distance separating it from Sisli is about 46 km, while it is about 35 km from the new Istanbul Airport.

Here we must point out that the transportation services provided by the Greater Istanbul Municipality to and from the Beylikduzu region are numerous, and for this reason, residential complexes in Beylikduzu were the first destination for all families looking for stability in Istanbul It must be noted that the most important continuation in Beylikdüzü is the fastest Metrobus line in the city, and it operates during the hours of the day on 24/7, from which the Metrobus buses depart towards the Asian side, and it is served by seven stations of the express line, starting from Beylikdüzü sondurak station to the station Haramidere, while there are many bus lines that depart from several main points such as the Bakirkoy region, the Yenibosna region, and the Avcilar region. The most prominent names of these buses are 76, the line that starts from Bakirkoy and ends in the Adnan Kahveji Beylikduzu region, while Line 145 starts from the Avcilar region and ends in the Marmara region. On the southern coast of Beylikduzu (Marina Beylikduzu), and the wanderer in the area can use the Google Maps application to know the lines that he must ride to move between its neighborhoods.


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How far is Beylikduzu from Sisli?

Perhaps the center of Istanbul and the Sisli region are among the most well-known areas in Istanbul that the resident always wants to visit. It must be noted that the Beylikduzu area is about 46 km away from Sisli, and it is possible to go to Sisli via the Metrobus line from Beylikduzu.

The most amazing residential complexes in Beylikduzu

What are the most important commercial centers that serve Beylikduzu?

Commercial malls are widely spread in the city of Istanbul, as the distance does not exceed 5 kilometers without seeing a large commercial center that contains dozens of shops for clothes, technology, gold and major food centers. Perhaps the largest shopping center is located in Beylikduzu “Marmara Park Mall”, which consists of four floors and more than 250 market.

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It is distributed in all neighborhoods of Beylikduzu, and beside residential complexes in Beylikduzu, many distinctive food chains, such as Bim Market, Market Shock, Market A-101, Market Fillet, Migros and other food commercial centers, and because of the presence of this chain of services, the resident in Beylikduzu no longer has to Damage to shopping from other areas located in the heart of the city.


What are the most important medical services in Beylikduzu?

As for the medical aspect, many governmental and private medical centers have been established, the number of which exceeded 15, between a specialized center and a general hospital. Pharmacies are largely within residential complexes in Beylikduzu, as an area of 500 square meters is not devoid of at least a pharmacy.


The educational aspect in Beylikduzu:

In terms of education, Beylikduzu is rich in schools and educational centers, as the number of schools in it is approximately 150 schools, between a Turkish public school, a private Turkish school, an international school, or a private school with an Arabic curriculum. In Beylikduzu, while you will find many universities distributed around or in the Beylikduzu region, such as Gelişim University, Beykent University, and Kadir Has University.

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Residential complexes in Beylikduzu, the luxury of living and the variety of services:

In view of the great interest in terms of urban development as a modern area in the historical city of Istanbul, the Beylikduzu area is newly populated, as its history dates back to the nineties of the last century, meaning that the region has not exceeded forty years yet, and the establishment was the beginning of some areas of Gurpinar overlooking the sea and the establishment of many Residential complexes in Beylikdüzü in this area, and after that the municipality's urban planning plans began, which we see changing every day for the better.


Wadi Hayat project in Beylikduzu:

With the establishment of distinguished infrastructure and services, especially with the good transportation services in the region, the desire to invest and establish residential complexes in Beylikduzu with integrated services has become a reality. The municipality of Beylikduzu seeks to create the largest green park with water bodies called “Valley of Life” that connects dozens of residential complexes to the coast of the sea. Marmara, with a total area of one million two hundred thousand square meters, and there will be two artificial lakes within the Valley of Life, one of which has an area of 360 thousand square meters and the other 739 thousand square meters, in addition to creating a group of fountains and waterfalls that give peace and pleasure to the beholder, and the Turkish government is working on the Hayat Valley project through six Stages, the first phase has been completed and the second phase has started, and the government has set a goal to plant more than 1,200 trees, 40,000 shrubs and more than 6,000 flowers of various kinds, and many residential complexes are being constructed in Beylikduzu with a direct view of Wadi Hayat.


What is the reason for the high demand for housing in residential complexes in Beylikduzu?

In order for living in residential complexes in Beylikduzu to be integrated, the service style of the residential complex is based on providing an integrated life, starting with the security system so that the resident in the area has peace of mind, and on the other hand, raising the entertainment level together through the establishment of swimming pools, gyms, and paths designated for cycling or walking. In addition to gardens and children's games, which are widely spread.

The most important real estate projects that are spread in the municipality of Beylikdüzü are projects with full sea views, such as the Deniz Istanbul project, the Marmara 4 project, and the Palmarine project,


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Marina Beylikduzu:

The Maritime Marina City was established to be a series of cafes, restaurants, and pedestrian walkways overlooking the sea directly, away from the lifestyle within residential apartments, and because the nature of Beylikduzu is suitable for recreation due to the fresh air, care has been taken in the residential villa projects overlooking the marine marina in Belkiduzu to be this Villas within residential complexes in Beylikduzu or private villas, which contain private green spaces with swimming pools, and residential villas are spread in both the Deniz Istanbul and Palmarine projects in particular, and on this occasion it must be noted that the port that serves the Beylikduzu region organizes trips for many Among the other ports in the city of Istanbul that reach the Asian side or the ports located on the Bosphorus Strait, sea taxi services have also recently spread, and whoever wants it can reach anywhere else by sea, enjoying an unparalleled cruise.


Finally, if you are one of the people planning permanent residence in Istanbul, do not forget to visit Beylikduzu, to find safety, comfort and integrated services in it. It must be mentioned that we at Mada Homes Real Estate provide you with many diverse offers in the Beylikduzu area.

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