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What do you know about Istanbul Esenyurt Square? Have you ever visited it before?

Istanbul Esenyurt Square know it

In this article, we will talk about Istanbul Esenyurt Square and everything related to it. It must be noted that Esenyurt Istanbul Square has witnessed a remarkable urban development in recent years, and it has become one of the most important squares in Istanbul for foreigners and Turks.

How big is Istanbul Esenyurt Square?

On an area estimated at nearly a quarter of a million square meters, Esenyurt Square is located, and the square is surrounded by many residential complexes and shops.

What is in Istanbul Esenyurt Square?

As we mentioned earlier, Esenyurt Square is one of the most famous landmarks in Esenyurt and a gathering point for different communities (Arab - foreign), which contains many famous restaurants, shops, Arab and Turkish markets, and household and cotton stores, so that you can feel there that you have returned to an Arab country, as it is similar to alleys and streets Damascus and ancient Baghdad as you see life 24 hours a day.


Esenyurt Square Mosque, Istanbul:

In the center of Istanbul, Esenyurt stands out in the central square of the Esenyurt Mosque, which rises clearly from Esenyurt Square, and consists of two floors. It contains a library, a large yard, and places designated for reading. Lessons are sometimes given to children and women. In the population of Esenyurt, especially in the areas surrounding the square, such as: Pinar Mahlsi - Fatih Mahlsi - Ornik - Satlanih - Orvolar

The most important services in Istanbul Esenyurt Square:

On one of the outskirts of the mosque there is a large building called the Black Building, which includes important commercial centers, dozens of shops and offices, the Panorama Building and the Schooly Building. These buildings include dozens of offices, branches of companies and stores with various services, where you can find everything you want in them, in addition to the presence of many noter centers (Notary Public) in Istanbul, Esenyurt Square, and a center for the Turkish Post, which is known as PTT, and many Turkish clothing brands are present in Istanbul, Esenyurt Square, such as the well-known Turkish brand BTM, and the LC Waikiki brand, which is a well-known brand at the Turkish and international levels, in addition to a number of branches of companies Communications in Turkey such as Turkcell, Turk Telekom and Vodafone.

What are the most important transportation in Istanbul, Esenyurt Square?

In the middle of the square there is a bus and bus stop, and the most important internal transport buses pass under Esenyurt Square, “buses – minibuses.” The site will also increase in importance after the completion of the metro station, which is being worked on now. The fastest is in Istanbul, and it connects the Asian side with the European one, and you can work there around the clock, every day of the week.

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Istanbul Esenyurt Square Learn about Esenyurt Square

Metro Istanbul Esenyurt Meydan:

The most important thing is that the metrobus will not be the fastest means of transportation in the future, especially after the mayor of Greater Istanbul laid the foundation stone for the Istanbul Esenyurt metro project on August 30 of 2021, which will complete the 7M metro road from Kabatas located on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait, passing through the Besiktas and Mecidiyekoy areas in the center The city to the famous Istanbul Esenyurt Square, thus adding 11 new stations, they are:

-Mahmutbey - Mehmet Akif - Halkalı Toplu Konut - Temapark - Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hastanesi - Tahtakale - Ispartakule - Bahçeşehir - Esenkent - Ardıçlı - Esenyurt Meydan

It is expected that the Esenyurt Meydan metro will reduce the arrival time to Mahmutbey to 28 minutes, 60 minutes to Mecidiyekoy, and 67 minutes to Kabatas, as it transports approximately one and a half million passengers per day.

The metro will reach the city center in record time, which will greatly affect the value of real estate and the rise in prices in the neighborhoods that the project passes through.

It is also planned to establish future metro stations that will connect Esenyurt Square to Marmaray via Halkli station. The Marmaray metro is the most important means of transportation that connects the Asian side with the European side.

And also the construction of metro stations connecting Esenyurt to the new Istanbul Airport.

How far is Istanbul Esenyurt Meydan from the city center?

Esenyurt Meydan is about 45 km from the new Istanbul Airport, and about 3 km from the Marmara Seashore, and it enjoys an important location and surroundings, and a good transportation network because it mediates the two main roads, which are considered the lifeblood of Istanbul, the 5E in the south and the 80E in the north, which makes it easy to reach Esenyurt is one of all the vital areas in the city, and this is what distinguishes the location of the area

The Esenyurt Meydan area is about 31 km from the center of the old city of Istanbul, and it is possible to reach Taksim from the Esenyurt area by car within approximately 35 to 45 minutes, depending on the times and traffic congestion, and about an hour and 20 minutes using public transportation or using the Metrobus, which is located on one of the main roads. In the city of Istanbul, as mentioned by “5E”, the metrobus is distinguished by its operation 24 hours a day, on all days of the week. It is also distinguished by its own road on the highway, which facilitates its work and speeds up the process of movement between the regions of Istanbul. It also connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, passing through the July 15 Martyrs Bridge or as It is known to everyone as the Bosphorus Bridge, and therefore the Metrobus is the fastest and most important means of transportation in Istanbul.

Istanbul Esenyurt Square Learn about the Esenyurt area

What are the hospitals and health centers near Istanbul Esenyurt Meydan?

The private Turkish Esenyurt Hospital is located near Esenyurt Square, while the Esenyurt Governmental Hospital is approximately 9 km away from the square, in addition to many Arab and Turkish health centers, and centers dedicated to pediatrics, dentistry, and others.

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The most important schools and universities near Istanbul Esenyurt Square:

Esenyurt Square is surrounded by many Turkish and Arab international schools of various educational levels, in addition to many well-known and prestigious Turkish universities distributed throughout the region.

Advantages of living near the Istanbul Esenyurt Meydan area:

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Esenyurt was and still is the first destination for foreigners who want to settle in Istanbul for several reasons, including:

  • Prices vary in the region, as there are many cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt, Istanbul.
  • The various services available in Istanbul, Esenyurt Square, which gives the resident the feeling of comfort because everything is near it.
  • The dense Arab presence of all nationalities in the region, and this is an important point that many people desire.

The most important areas distributed near Istanbul Esenyurt Square?

There are many inhabited areas and shops in the area that are full of residential complexes, the most important of which are:

  • Ardishli district
  • Salahuddin district
  • Guzel Yurt district
  • Muhammad Akif Ersoy neighborhood
  • Pinar Mahlisi district
  • Fatih Mahlisi neighborhood

Currently, it should be noted that there are many high-end residential complexes under construction near Esenyurt Square, which will attract the attention of many Arabs and foreigners to live in due to its proximity to the square.

In conclusion, we got acquainted with Istanbul Esenyurt Square as one of the most important features of the Esenyurt region and one of its vital centers, in which the services and benefits that anyone looking for to live in this region meet, and Mada Homes Real Estate Company provides you with many real estate offers in this region and others at very encouraging and competitive prices.

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