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Levent district of Istanbul

Get to know the Levent Istanbul area

If you are looking for an opportunity for luxurious housing or good real estate investment in Turkey, you will not find a better area than Levent Istanbul, this small residential and commercial neighborhood, which is characterized by an integrated and strong infrastructure that connects it with all high-level facilities in all of Istanbul, and this area allows you to The opportunity to enjoy shopping from the best and most luxurious shopping malls, in addition to what it includes of tourist places and dazzling nature, constantly brings pleasure, so follow with us to learn about everything related to the Levent area in Istanbul.

About Levent district in Istanbul

Levent is a first-class commercial area full of high-level malls and shops, and it is very nice for shopping operations, in addition to containing a metro station that connects it to all services and facilities in Istanbul. It was initially designed to be an upscale area inhabited by teachers and middle-class shopkeepers, except Because of its sophistication and high level of services, it has become a source of attraction for famous residents, so that the headquarters of the Saudi Consulate in Turkey is located in the Levent area in Istanbul, and there is the Ambassador Tower consisting of 54 floors, which is considered the tallest integrated skyscraper in Turkey, reaching a length of 261 meters, This is in addition to other skyscrapers located behind the Bosphorus hills, thus the Levent Istanbul area competes with the famous Maslak area for business and investment.

Where is Levent located in Istanbul?

Levent neighborhood is located in the European part of Istanbul within the neighborhoods of its central business district, and it belongs to the municipality of Besiktas located north of the Golden Horn, on the western side of the Bosphorus Strait, and is bordered to the north by the famous Maslak area, and the location of this area is characterized by its location in the middle of the intersection of roads The main one is in Istanbul, where it is connected to all world-class facilities. As for the nature of the Levent Istanbul region, it is an inland coastal area, with a small population and a small area.

Learn about Levent Istanbul and its features

Advantages of housing in the Levent area

The Levent Istanbul district is characterized by many advantages and capabilities that make it the best choice, when you think of living in Turkey in general or Istanbul in particular, and we will mention some of the advantages of housing in the Levent Istanbul district in Turkey as follows:

  • The level of services is very high, and all facilities are available.
  • Lift is the citadel of social democracy and personal freedom in Türkiye.
  • An advanced and multiple transportation network, as well as following the highest standards of traffic safety when implementing roads and bridges.
  • The region is inland coastal, which provides it with a mild climate most of the year.
  • The Bosphorus Strait and the scenic seascape are just a few miles away from the area.
  • The multiplicity of educational institutions, especially universities, as the number of associations in Levent Istanbul has reached 9 universities.
  • Life in Levent is characterized by modernity, luxury and tranquility, despite the commercial style of the region.
  • If you want your children to attend one of the best universities in the world, you should buy an apartment in Levent Istanbul, because it includes the Bosphorus University.
  • The region is based on a developed infrastructure.
  • But if you want to sell your real estate unit in Levent Istanbul, this will be the best real estate investment for you, because prices in the region are constantly increasing, as it is the focus of attention of investors and agency companies operating in the capital market.
  • Levent Istanbul is buzzing with international markets and high-quality shopping malls.
  • Likewise, the region guarantees you a good job opportunity because it includes many international companies and factories such as: the Nobel factory and the pfizer pharmaceutical factory.

Apartments for sale in Levent Istanbul

It is not difficult to find apartments for sale in Levent Istanbul, but you have to be careful when buying so that you deal with a real estate company with a good reputation and high credibility with all its clients, and it is certain that the price and space are among the most important things that concern you when thinking about buying a property in Levent Istanbul district, after getting acquainted with the advantages of housing in the Levent district, as the areas in the area are numerous, ranging on average from 140 square meters to 640 square meters and more.

Knowing that the price depends on the type of building and the floor in which the apartment is located, and the state of its finishing, if it is new or used, etc., but you have to take into account that the Levent Istanbul area consists of five sections: Levent 1, Levent 2, Levent 3, Levent 4, Levent 5 And the Levent 5 section is the best among them in terms of luxury areas, international services, and the neighborhood of major businessmen and famous personalities, so the prices of apartments for sale in Levent Istanbul in the fifth district will be the highest ever.

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Learn about the Levent district of Istanbul and its wonderful features

Infrastructure and services in Levent district of Istanbul

The infrastructure of the Levent Istanbul region is characterized by a very high level, in line with the nature of the fast-paced commercial area, and increases the rates of attracting investments and business in it, as the Levent Istanbul region is the headquarters of many companies, factories, agencies, banks, shopping centers and hotels, which It requires high levels of services and facilities, in addition to the fact that most of the residents of the region are from the middle and high class and celebrities, so we find that the municipality of Levent Istanbul pays great attention to the infrastructure of the region, especially schools, hospitals and transportation, as follows:

Transportation in Levent Istanbul

The region includes all types of means of transportation that you move from or come to, and it also contains a subway station that connects it with all the facilities of Istanbul. Likewise, the Levent Istanbul region is equipped with a network of roads and bridges designed with the highest standards of safety and security, in a manner commensurate with an industrial and commercial area in which it operates. Movement continuously.

Health Services

The Levent area in Istanbul is characterized by the multiplicity of health services and hospitals in it, between free governmental and private ones, but one of the best features of housing in the Levent area is the high-quality health service in both, in addition to the availability of ambulances equipped around the clock and near every place, in addition In addition to the availability of free medical consultations and dental clinics, as for the most famous hospitals there, you will find Bender Private Hospital and Ozal Levent Hospital, and near the area you will find Gultepe Hospital.

Schools and universities in Levent Istanbul

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Levent Istanbul for housing, you would certainly like to buy one that is close to schools and educational institutions, but what we would like to explain to you is that the region includes many high-level primary and secondary schools, in addition to 9 different universities, including those that specialize in technology and architecture, and preside over these The giant educational system is the first Bosphorus University in Turkey and is ranked among the best 200 universities in the world. It is worth noting that the Levent Istanbul region includes the highest percentage of learners in Turkey, which exceeds 40% according to a survey conducted by Reidin SED in 2013, and that all educational institutions reach it. Transportation network in Levent Istanbul.

Entertainment in Levent

The Levent Istanbul area includes all the entertainment that an individual or family may need, such as public parks, children’s playrooms, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls that include the best international brands in everything, and perhaps one of the most famous malls in Levent Istanbul is Ozdlik Park Mall, City Mall, Levent Mall and Kanyon Mall, all of these malls and more, you will find clothes, shoes, gifts and jewelry, furniture and decoration, electronics and luxury cosmetics.

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How to buy an apartment in Levent Istanbul

You may think that buying an apartment in Levent Istanbul is difficult and complicated, but that is not the case. All you have to do is contact a reputable real estate company in the area you want to buy in, or have existing projects there, after that you can Determine the criteria that you would like to have in the apartment and what you can dispense with or replace it with, in terms of the housing area, the type of building, the floor of the unit, its area, the number of rooms, the required luxuries, and so on, and also you must clarify the average budget on which you want to buy.

After that, you have to be physically present in the area to view the offers available to the company, and determine which one matches your needs, and do not forget to take a tour in Levent Istanbul, to find out about real estate prices in it, and now you can negotiate the price of the unit that you liked until you settle on a suitable price, Then freeze the price of the property and pay the seller a deposit, after that you have to start preparing the ownership papers in Turkey.

The papers required to own a property in Levent Istanbul

If you have decided to buy an apartment in Levent Istanbul, or any real estate in Turkey, there are a number of simple papers and steps that you go through, in order to be able to own the property and obtain the title deed, and these papers are:

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  • Tax number in Turkey.
  • Verify the terms and conditions of the purchase contract, and then sign it.
  • Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank.
  • Obtaining a building permit in order to register the property, which takes a period of time until you obtain the approval of government agencies.
  • Once you obtain the license, you must go to one of the real estate departments, in order to register the property.
  • The steps end with obtaining the title deed or the tapu, as it is called by the people of Turkey.

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Pros and advantages of real estate investment in Türkiye

Investing in the field of real estate in general has different risks, and the higher the risk ratio, the greater the profit rate, but it remains one of the best investment sectors in terms of loss ratio, as it is small compared to the stock market and commercial stocks, for example. It is worth noting that real estate investment in Turkey, especially the Levent Istanbul area, It has many positives and factors that qualify it to be the best real estate investment in the current period, and perhaps the most prominent of these positives are the following:

  • Increasing the price of the property and thus increasing the value of the capital, in the long term.
  • Obtaining a valuable and stable financial return, in the event that you rent the property.
  • A good opportunity to enjoy Turkey's good infrastructure, and world-class luxury living standards, in the case of living in the Levent area.
  • Real estate investment in Turkey is a good savings for the retirement period, and a guaranteed way to secure the family's future.
  • When you can buy an apartment in Levent Istanbul, obtaining Turkish citizenship within a period of approximately three months is an acquired right, in addition to residing in Turkey on a stable basis.
  • The continuous and growing demand for renting apartments and real estate in Türkiye.
  • Most of the residential projects owed by real estate companies to the private sector are affiliated with government supervision, which ensures adherence to quality standards.

Residence in Türkiye by buying a property

Owning a property in a country that is witnessing economic growth and real estate prosperity is an advantage that every searcher seeks for a successful real estate investment opportunity, but the Levent area of Istanbul is completely different, as it adds a feature that is more capable of attracting investments, which is the ability to reside legally in Turkey for a long time. This is because owning real estate in Turkey gives you the opportunity to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey. You can extract it from the Immigration Department of the state within whose real estate borders your real estate is located.

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It is worth noting that this real estate residence permit gives the property owner many advantages such as: obtaining permanent legal residence on Turkish lands, the government does not set any conditions for the property that it wants to own, only that it is not located within the areas where ownership is prohibited only, who holds this type of property Residency in Turkey does not require obtaining an entry visa (visa) or security approval, it becomes easy to facilitate the movement of investors and merchants, labor safety procedures or the establishment of companies, in addition to the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship after 8 years of continuous renewal of residency, which It expires every two years, and you can also get medical insurance and the opportunity for free education.

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Learn about Levent Istanbul and its wonderful features with Mada Real Estate Company

Conditions for obtaining real estate residence in Türkiye

There are a number of simple conditions that must be met, in order for a foreign investor to be able to obtain a real estate residence permit in Levent Istanbul, Turkey, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Completing the procedures for buying an apartment in Levent Istanbul, until obtaining the title deed (Tapu).
  • That the price of the property be commensurate with the number of individual owners registered in the title deed, as the husband or wife of the owner and his children also obtain residency accordingly.
  • Extracting a tax number from the tax department for the real estate area in Turkey.
  • That the purchased property be intended for housing, and not for business or the like.
  • That the passports of the real estate owner and his family include a period of time exceeding two years or the duration of the real estate residence.
  • Pay the real estate residence fees and taxes.
  • But if you plan to obtain Turkish citizenship in the next step, the value of the property must exceed $400,000.

What are the papers required to apply and obtain real estate residence in Türkiye?

Now that you know about apartments for sale in Levent Istanbul, how to buy a property and the advantages of real estate investment or housing in Levent Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general, it is necessary to mention the papers that you will need, in order to be able to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey for you and your family, These papers are:

  • The title deed of the property or the tapu in the language of the Turkish people of the country.
  • Real estate residence application form.
  • A copy of a family statement translated into Turkish, and certified by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of original residence.
  • Passports of the buyer and his family.
  • Four personal photos for each family member.
  • DASK earthquake insurance policy.
  • Health insurance for all family members.

In conclusion, after learning about everything related to Levent Istanbul, the advantages of living in it, and how to buy a property belonging to it, we believe that this area is very wonderful if you are planning to live a luxurious life full of luxury and comfort, as well as it is an excellent choice for a successful real estate investment.

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