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Turkish Nationality Law

Learn about the Turkish citizenship law

Turkish nationality is one of the most nationalities that many Arabs seek to obtain, and therefore the Turkish nationality law contains many important clauses that are based in reality on conditions through which Turkish nationality can only be obtained, because of the various and varied advantages it bears. It is in the interest of the holder of Turkish citizenship or the holder of a Turkish passport.

In this article, you will learn about the most important Advantages of Turkish citizenship And the conditions for obtaining it:

What is the Turkish citizenship law?

Before we delve deeper into the Turkish nationality law, we must first clarify what nationality is?

Nationality is the relationship of the individual with the state, and on it there are obligations towards the individual towards his state and the state towards its citizens, so the citizen will have political and civil rights and others … and the citizen will also have obligations towards his state such as paying taxes, military conscription and other duties.

 Turkish Nationality Law.

The Turkish Nationality Law depends and applies mainly on the principle of blood right, which is that the children were born to a Turkish mother or a Turkish father, whether this birth was inside or outside Turkish territory, so the newborn becomes a holder of Turkish citizenship.

This is the principle ofTurkish Nationality Law It is generally summarized in what we have mentioned, and that the birth of a child from a Turkish father or a Turkish mother makes him automatically obtain Turkish citizenship, and this is even if the birth is not by marriage contract, then they have the right to be Turkish citizens from birth.

And if a citizen or individual wishes to get rid of Turkish citizenship, or even exchange Turkish citizenship to obtain another nationality, provided that this is an intention to give up Turkish citizenship, this is done by submitting a petition to the highest administrative official in the place where the individual resides.

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And if the Turkish person who wants to get rid of his nationality is abroad, for example, then he must go to the Turkish consulate, and then work to send some documents indicating that these measures have been taken, and these documents are processed by the authorities to the Ministry of Interior so that the necessary measures are taken in this regard command.

Learn about the Turkish citizenship law and its benefits

Turkish citizenship

After we got acquainted with the Turkish nationality law, we will learn about the Turkish nationality in particular, as there are many things that must be recognized about the Turkish nationality, and these things that will ensure that you obtain it easily, and are summarized in these tips:

Tips to follow when obtaining Turkish citizenship

When obtaining Turkish citizenship and living in the state of Turkey, you must know a lot of important things that must be followed in the country, as you become one of its members, and then you must know the most important laws for Turkish citizens.

These are the most important tips:

  • In the event of obtaining Turkish citizenship, you must provide all sources of calm for all Turkish neighbors, because their nature cares about calm and stability.
  • While you are living there, you will have to pay all your taxes and bills on a regular basis.
  • It is necessary to acquire the Turkish language in order to adapt well to society and its language.
  • It is always best to avoid talking loudly on public transportation as this act annoys Turks.
  • Give your child full care and take care of him in all matters that families care about in Turkish child care.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship always makes you subject to the restrictions and the Turkish Nationality Law, then you can be considered a Turkish citizen.
  • Performing military service When obtaining citizenship in Turkey, you must perform military service there, as the state obliges young citizens to perform service upon reaching the age of 21.

The Turkish Nationality Law also includes obligating the new naturalized citizens to perform military service.

However, it is worth noting that when the new naturalized citizen exceeds the age of 21 before obtaining citizenship, he is exempted from military service in Turkey.

  • Maintaining security and all public property in the country

It is the duty of the Turkish citizen to preserve his state, and not cause any matter that threatens the security and stability of the state, and this matter is also applied to the naturalized person.

It is obligatory for him to preserve the security of the state, and all the facilities and property of the state, because after naturalization, it has already become his state.

Learn about the Turkish citizenship law, its benefits and how to extract it

What are the rights of the Turkish citizen?

After we got acquainted with the Turkish nationality law, we will learn about the rights of the Turkish citizen, as you must know very well that once you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will have many rights that you have the right to enjoy in the state of Turkey.

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This is what makes many individuals who have obtained citizenship wonder: What are the rights of a Turkish citizen? How could he live there? What are the rights entailed in the Turkish nationality law that must be obtained by the holder of the nationality?

To answer these questions, here are the rights that a naturalized person must know well before obtaining Turkish citizenship, which are as follows:

  •  He shall have the right to obtain residence in Turkey

Obtaining Turkish citizenship allows you to obtain a place in the country and reside in it. You have the full right to enjoy all the state's amenities and enjoy all its services.

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You can then move around all the streets with comfort, and enjoy all the facilities of parks, hospitals, and various tourist places.

  •  have the right to education

The Turkish Nationality Law provides for the entitlement of the Turkish individual to free education, and this is what the holder of Turkish citizenship obtains.

Where he is exactly like the Turkish, and he has the full right to free education there until the end of the primary stage.

As for the intermediate and secondary schools, the government provides all services to the Turkish citizen at the best, symbolic and cheap prices, while providing great subsidies and great grants.

  • Have the right to health care

Turkish citizens have the full right to health care for every Turkish citizen.

He shall have the full right to enter Turkish government hospitals, and to go to primary care centers in all cities and residential neighborhoods in the State of Turkey.

  • He shall have the right to vote and to stand for election

The Turkish Nationality Law allows a Turkish citizen the right to choose the president and elections, if the citizen has reached the legal age.

Including a citizen who has Turkish citizenship, he has the full right to hold elections and nominate the appropriate president for him.

  •  Apply for all government jobs

One of the most important things that the holder of Turkish citizenship enjoys is that he has the full right to apply for all government jobs, whether he is inside or outside the country, and this depends on his specialization and according to his field and the conditions that he announces.

And then he has the full right to benefit from any vacant job and works to apply for it, and upon acceptance of it, he has the right to enjoy all the privileges offered by government jobs, from paid vacations, to bonuses, and other things offered to them.

  • A Turkish citizen has the right to obtain a Turkish passport

All Turkish citizens have the right to obtain a Turkish passport for both movement and travel.

This gives him the full right to obtain this passport from the state, and he has the right to move

between all the different countries of the world.

Turkish law for foreigners

Just as we got acquainted with the Turkish nationality law, we must get acquainted with the Turkish law for foreigners, as there are many matters related to the Turkish law for foreigners, which must be taken into consideration.

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Since it is necessary to know everything related to the law intended for foreigners so that a Turkish citizen does not transgress his foreign brother in his country, and these laws are summarized in the following:

Cases in which the foreigner is deported from Turkey

  • If directors are found to be members of a terrorist and criminal for-profit organization.
  • Those who forge documents pertaining to entry into the State of Turkey.
  • Who earns his livelihood from illegal means.
  • Who constitutes a threat to public order, or poses a danger to the safety of the state.
  • Those whose residence visa has exceeded the period of residence in the country and did not renew it.
  • All those whose residence permits were revoked, and some of their demands were denied, yet they did not leave the country.
  • Anyone found in the state not to work through a work permit.
  • Whoever violates the provisions of entering and leaving the country.
  • Anyone who enters the country of Turkey despite being banned from entering it for any reason.

Cases in which the alien is not deported from the country

After we got acquainted with the Turkish Nationality Law, we must mention that in Article 54 of the Turkish Law for Foreigners in the State of Turkey it stipulates some matters through which the foreigner is not deported, as these matters are as follows:

  • Everyone who has indications that if he is deported to a certain country, he will suffer the death penalty or severe torture.
  • Everything that was fraught with dangers that would befall him during travel due to serious health problems, or when pregnancies occurred that prevented travel.
  • Those who have chronic diseases that they will not be able to treat in the country to which they will be deported, and if traveling to this country will threaten their lives.
  • All victims of psychological and physical violence, until their treatment is completely completed.

Learn about the Turkish citizenship law, its benefits, and the advantages of Turkish citizenship

Advantages of Turkish citizenship

After we got acquainted with the Turkish citizenship law, we will learn about the advantages of Turkish citizenship, as obtaining Turkish citizenship is a matter that has many privileges, because the advantages of Turkish citizenship have many things that concern the Turkish citizen, whether he is a citizen of the state, or naturalized, and the advantages Turkish citizenship is related to some important matters, which are the following:

Obtaining a Turkish passport includes many impressive advantages that benefit its owner, and they include the following:

  • This country is one of the most powerful countries on the political and economic level, and obtaining a passport from it makes the holder of the passport always strong.
  • The Turkish passport is ranked 36th in the list of passports around the world.
  • The Turkish passport makes you able to enter 72 countries without needing a visa or a visa, and also enables you to enter 42 countries that you can obtain a visa upon arrival, and gives you entry to 6 countries that work to grant you an electronic entry visa.
  • It makes it easier for you to do a lot of legal transactions as a Turkish citizen.
  • With the Turkish passport, you can obtain another nationality, as the Turkish law makes you able to obtain another nationality with the Turkish nationality.
  • If you obtain Turkish citizenship and you are over the age of 22, you will be exempted from military service.
  • You can work anywhere without obtaining a work permit.

Benefits of Turkish citizenship

After we got acquainted with the Turkish citizenship law, we will learn about The benefits of Turkish citizenship are not limited to what we mentioned above, but it has many advantages, the most important of which is the possibility of benefiting from Turkish citizenship in the service of first-degree relatives.

  • The Turkish citizen is able to give all his family members a lot of good things and benefits, the most important of which is residency in Turkey, for example.
  • The wife of a Turkish citizen has the full right to act everywhere in Turkey, even if she is not a citizen of the state. Rather, by marrying a Turkish citizen, she obtains Turkish citizenship.
  • The foreign wife or husband obtains Turkish citizenship once 3 years have passed since marriage.
  • Turkish citizenship helps individuals open the door to inviting family members to Turkey for tourism without obtaining a visa.
  • Having the freedom to act

One of the most important advantages of the Turkish citizen granted by the state to a citizen who has Turkish citizenship is that he cannot be subjected to any special conditions regarding work in the state of Turkey, thus obtaining social security, and easily obtaining a job, not like a foreigner residing in Turkey.

Also, the Turkish citizen easily guarantees a place at work, as the priority in employment is for the people of the state. We see that for every foreign individual, 5 Turkish individuals can be easily employed in the job.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Learn about the Turkish citizenship law, its benefits, and the distinctive advantages of Turkish citizenship

How to obtain Turkish citizenship

Many may want to live and settle in Turkey. What do they ask about how to obtain Turkish citizenship?

And the answer: There are many things that help in obtaining Turkish citizenship, as there are some things documented in the Turkish Nationality Law, through which the method of obtaining Turkish citizenship is known, and these things are as follows:

1- Purchasing a property with a value of no less than $400,000

One of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to buy a property or several properties whose price is not less than 400,000 dollars in the state of Turkey, so that this helps to obtain citizenship, with the condition that there is a written pledge not to sell this property for at least 3 years, and to apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property, the following papers must be submitted:

  • The title deed of the property.
  • An appraisal report for the property through an appraisal institution licensed by the Turkish government.
  • Submit monthly payment and receipt receipts for the seller and buyer, and it is necessary that they be documented by the bank and stamped.
  • Working on translating all family passports.

2- Obtaining citizenship through investment in Turkey

This is one of the well-known methods that many investors resort to, and it is one of the methods mentioned in the Turkish Nationality Law, and it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship by fulfilling these conditions:

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  • The investment must be made with a fixed capital of not less than $500,000 for a period of not less than 3 years.
  • Work to deposit an amount of $500,000 in a Turkish bank for a period of not less than 3 years.
  • Work to buy some virtual state bonds worth $500,000 and not sell them for 3 years.

3- It is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by appointing 50 Turkish employees and working to pay their social guarantees.

4- Obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage to a Turkish man or a Turkish woman.

5- Turkish citizenship can be obtained through residency, as a resident of 5 continuous years in Turkey is allowed to obtain citizenship.

Masterpieces of Turkish nationality

One of the masterpieces of Turkish citizenship is obtaining the following things:

  • Obtaining a Turkish passport.
  • The possibility of obtaining dual citizenship.
  • Granting residence in Turkey without a visa for all family members.
  • The right to enjoy the natural beauty of Türkiye.
  • The possibility of buying real estate in the country with ease.
  • Get free public education.
  • Access to different health care systems, free and governmental.
  • Achieving democracy and the right to participate in political opinion and elections in the country.
  • Work to establish companies with ease, and the possibility of opening projects in the country.
  • Enjoy all the facilities in the country.


Finally, the Turkish Nationality Law gives you the full right to act in the State of Turkey on the grounds that you are a Turkish citizen, so you have the right to contribute and participate in many matters related to the Turkish citizen, and all of these things can give you complete freedom when obtaining Turkish citizenship.


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