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  • $960,000
Maslak, Istanbul Valley

Project Information

Location : European Istanbul - Maslak

Property type: Apartments - Villas - Hotel

Delivery date: 06/2024

Property information:

The project was built on a land area of 23,000 square meters, consisting of 8 blocks divided as follows

  1. Two hotel builders for Mariott, a leading hotel management company.
  2. Two residential buildings, 8 and 9 floors high, with 135 apartments, with patterns ranging from 1 + 1 to 5 + 1, with areas ranging from 73 square meters to 486 square meters, with a number of apartments ranging from 6 to 11 on each floor
  3. 4 short blocks with a duplex system that will include 6 duplex villas and one standalone villa with luxurious and elegant designs

Location :

  • The project is located in the central area of Maslak, specifically in what is known as the Istanbul Valley, on the international Tem line connecting Asia in the east with Europe in the west through Turkey.
  • The project is characterized by an important strategic location, as only 500 meters away, one of the city's most luxurious and largest malls has been established Istanbul Valley Where it includes the most important and finest international brands and famous brands, and its courtyards are spread with many restaurants and cafes, to be one of the best shopping and social activity centers, and this in turn gives a growing investment value to the region.
  • Ease of access to anywhere in Istanbul through a variety of transportation means, the most important of which is the ready-made metro station that connects the project to the entire city, and another one under construction that will connect the region to the new Istanbul Airport, one of the largest and most modern airports in Europe, as the airport is 34 km away from the project.
  • It is 6 km away from the most beautiful natural places, which is the natural Bosphorus Strait, which connects the European continent with Asia, and is completely adjacent to the Belgrade forests, which is the largest natural reserve in Istanbul and includes many parks and camping places. The project is also surrounded by many commercial malls, schools, and private and government universities such as Galata Saray & Teknik Istenyie and Government Hospital, Zorlu Center Mall, Cevahir and many others..


Project Features

There are many advantages that make the project a suitable choice for both housing and investment, as:

  • This project, with its design, provides a luxurious residential style and a distinctive investment alike in the middle of the Istanbul map and away from its noise at the same time, as the project is surrounded by the international road on one side and the Belgrade forests on the other side, which means a distinctive forest view for most apartments.
  • The integrated and diversified services that characterize the project, in addition to the green spaces, which occupies 60% of the project’s land area, not to mention that the developer is the same as the developer of the newest and largest shopping center in Istanbul, and he is the one who gave the area its current name as a result of the urban renaissance that it brought about when establishing the shopping center and the surrounding residential projects. Which was previously implemented with the highest standards of quality and luxury, in addition to that this is the last project to be built in the region due to the lack of other spaces in which construction is permitted, which will increase the value of the property in the region on a daily basis.

In addition to being a high-end real estate, it is available with the option of cash or installments, and is suitable for Turkish citizenship.

Payment plans: cash or installments (40% + 12 months)

Update date: 02-16-2024

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Property details

Type Min size Min Price layout
m2 - 
$ 960,000


m2 - 
$ 980,000


m2 - 
$ 1,200,000


Project Location

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  • City Istanbul
  • district Maslak, Istanbul Valley

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