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Project Information

An investment opportunity by owning the best land surrounding the Istanbul Canal 

Details of the land location in Istanbul

district :ARNAVUTKÖY

locality : DURSUNKÖY

Land area before sorting : 2882 square meters

square meter price :168 $

The total price of the land : 484176 $

Land details in the municipal organization after sorting:

Land organization and permission for ages : residential (4 floors) + commercial (15 floors)

age ratio :0.5+1.0

The percentage that was deducted by the municipality : %45of the land area

remaining final space : 1141 m2 + 444 m2

Land features :

❖ This land will be moved after sorting into two adjacent plots, the first with a residential construction license and the second with a commercial license.

❖ It falls within the organization of the New Istanbul Canal.

❖ Very close to the new Istanbul Canal.

❖ Very close to Istanbul International Airport.

❖ Near logistic areas.

❖ Close to trade centers.

❖ Directly located on the main way.

Investment on both sides of the Istanbul Canal :

The opening of the new Istanbul Canal will mark an important turning point in the history of the Turkish real estate and investment market, whose prices have been on the rise since the launch of the

The decision is due to the high and guaranteed profits and benefits it bears .

Investing in the lands adjacent to the canal to be established, which have been re-sorted and organized again to include residential, commercial and health axes with multiple activities, as they contain high-end residential complexes, advanced medical centers, various tourist and entertainment places, educational centers and research centers to form a modern and civilized edifice that combines luxury and development. With the scenic beauty of nature

An introductory brief about the Istanbul Canal project:

The New Istanbul Canal, or the so-called #, the project of the era #, the promising dream of the city of Istanbul and the great historical renaissance of the Turkish economy in the world

It connects the entire Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, and connects it with the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, starting with Lake Küçükçekmece and reaching the Black Sea.

It is 30 km away from the Bosphorus Strait towards the west, with a length of 45 km, a depth of 21 meters, and a width of 275 meters. Its cost is approximately $10 billion, and 6 bridges will be constructed.

And a new city with an area of 453 million square meters and residential neighborhoods that can accommodate up to 5.7 million people, as it includes the largest airport in the world, the largest hospital in the continent of Europe, and the largest shopping centers.

And many universities, hospitals, highways, green spaces, nature reserves and important landmarks.

Updated date: 04/05/2023

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Project features

Property details

Type Min size Min Price layout
m2 - 
$ 168

The percentage deducted by the municipality: from the land area The remaining final area: 1141 m2 444 + m2

Project Location

  • City Istanbul
  • district ArnavutKoy

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