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Owning apartments in Türkiye is an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship

Ownership apartments in Türkiye

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, all you have to do is search for real estate apartments in Turkey.

Contact Mada Real Estate Company and obtain through it the most important real estate offers in Turkey, especially ownership apartments in Turkey, which have become an ideal opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship.

What is the importance of owning apartments in Türkiye in obtaining Turkish citizenship? What are the best areas of Istanbul to buy an apartment? Are there ownership apartments in Türkiye in installments?

All of this and many comprehensive and detailed information about real estate apartments in Turkey, we will talk about through this article, which is provided to us by the most important investment companies in Istanbul, Mada Real Estate Company.

Owning apartments in Türkiye is an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship

Investing in owning apartments in Turkey is not only a smart financial step, but also provides an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship, after the amendments made by the Turkish government in the Turkish real estate ownership law, where Turkish citizenship was granted to everyone who owns a property for an amount of not less than 400 thousand US dollars.

This amendment aims to increase foreign investment in the country and provides a path to obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real estate.

By investing in rental apartments in Turkey, individuals can gain access to the country's vibrant culture and thriving economy while also obtaining a second citizenship through a professional and transparent process.

Buying land in Türkiye, Istanbul Mada Real Estate

The ownership program in Turkey provides a unique opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, which makes it an attractive option for investors all over the world.

Ownership apartments in Istanbul

The best areas of Istanbul to buy an apartment

Istanbul is a city of contrasts where modernity meets tradition and East meets West. It is a city that is constantly evolving and growing with new neighborhoods and developments emerging all the time.

However, when it comes to buying property apartments in Istanbul, there are a few areas that stand out as the best. Perhaps these areas include the historical neighborhoods of Beyoglu, the upscale Besiktas district, the trendy Kadikoy district, in addition to the Kocaeli-Izmit district and the Trabzon area, each of which provides a unique atmosphere. and a unique lifestyle as well as easy access to amenities such as shopping, dining and transportation.

Whether you are looking for a traditional Turkish home or a modern apartment, these areas are sure to have something to suit your needs.

Ownership apartments in Türkiye by the sea

Owning an apartment in Turkey by the sea is a wise investment for those looking for a holiday home or permanent residence.

With a thriving economy and prime location, Turkey is attracting a growing number of local and international property buyers as the country's coastal regions offer stunning natural beauty, warm weather and vibrant culture.

Ownership apartments in Turkey by the sea are designed to meet the needs of modern life and feature luxurious amenities, first-class security, and stunning sea views. Whether you are looking to invest in a beachfront property or a quiet getaway, owning an apartment in Turkey by the sea is an excellent opportunity to enhance your lifestyle and secure your financial future.

Owning apartments in Türkiye is an ideal opportunity for real estate investment

Owning apartments in Turkey can be a wise investment decision for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio, especially with the growth of the economy and the stable political environment in Turkey.

Turkey provides a suitable investment climate for those wishing to invest in real estate, as the Turkish government has introduced several measures to encourage foreign investment in real estate, including the citizenship by investment program, which allows foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. In addition, rental returns in Turkey are relatively high. This provides investors with the possibility of steady income streams.

In general, owning apartments in Turkey can provide a safe and profitable investment opportunity for those wishing to navigate the local real estate market.

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul with installments are an ideal opportunity for investment

Real estate in Türkiye Mada Real Estate Company

Ownership apartments in Istanbul, Türkiye

Ownership apartments in Istanbul are the best

Ownership apartments in Istanbul are the best among other real estate investments as Istanbul has become a desirable destination for real estate investment due to its dynamic economy and growing population.

Ownership apartments in Istanbul offer a lucrative opportunity for investors looking for long-term returns.

These apartments also offer a range of amenities including 24/7 security, swimming pools, fitness centers and excellent transportation links. The process of obtaining apartments for ownership in Istanbul is straightforward and requires a minimum investment of $400,000 USD.

With a thriving tourism industry, Istanbul offers great rental potential for investors looking to generate income from their properties. Foreign investors are encouraged to take advantage of Istanbul's favorable investment climate and explore own apartments as a viable investment option.

Ownership apartments in Trabzon

Ownership apartments in Trabzon provide a great opportunity for those looking to invest in Turkish real estate, as Trabzon is located on the Black Sea coast.

Trabzon is a city known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The property apartments available in Trabzon feature modern amenities and are built to the highest standards.

They offer spacious living areas, stunning sea views, and easy access to the city's many attractions.

As a popular tourist destination, Trabzon enjoys a thriving rental market, which makes real estate apartments in Trabzon an attractive investment option.

In addition, the Turkish government offers incentives to foreign investors, which makes ownership of apartments in Trabzon among the options that grant its owner Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property. Therefore, ownership of apartments in Trabzon can be considered an ideal option in various investment and social aspects.

Ownership apartments in Türkiye, Istanbul, Fatih

The Fatih neighborhood of Istanbul offers an attractive collection of own-own-own apartments that provide a unique opportunity for individuals to invest in a vital and historical area of the city.

Ownership apartments in Istanbul, Fatih Turkey, offer a range of advantages, including proximity to popular attractions such as the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia.

In addition, Al-Fateh apartments have an excellent transportation network, which makes it easy to move around the city.

The apartments themselves are modern, spacious, and offer a range of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour security.

Thanks to its prime location and excellent facilities, ownership apartments in Fatih Istanbul, Turkey are a good investment opportunity for discerning buyers.

The best areas of Istanbul to buy an apartment

Ownership apartments in Türkiye in installments

Ownership apartments in Turkey are a popular investment option for those looking to own a property in a beautiful and culturally rich country.

Many investors offer the option to buy these apartments in installments, which makes it an option for those who may not have the full amount upfront. This allows individuals to spread the cost over a specific period of time, ensuring that the investment is manageable and affordable.

This method of acquiring real estate is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey due to its convenience, flexibility and affordability.

With a range of different options available for ownership of apartments in Turkey in installments, those interested in buying apartments in Turkey are sure to find a plan that suits their needs and budget.

Apartment prices in Alanya Türkiye are a good opportunity for successful investment

Prices of owning apartments in Türkiye

The prices of own-owner apartments in Turkey vary according to factors such as location, size, and amenities. In major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, prices tend to rise due to the high demand for housing in these areas.

Anyone who buys a property with an average price of $400,000 can apply for Turkish citizenship.

In general, the average price of an apartment in Turkey ranges between 600 thousand Turkish liras to two million Turkish liras, as we talked about, depending on several factors such as location, size, availability of amenities, as well as transportation methods.

While in smaller cities and towns prices tend to be more affordable with a one-bedroom apartment costing around 200,000 TL.

It is important to do thorough research and consider all factors when buying an apartment in Turkey to ensure a wise investment.

Ownership apartments are also available in Turkey in installments, and this leads to an increase in the price of those apartments, as it is known that the longer the period of termination of paying the apartment price, the higher the price of that apartment.

Prices of ownership apartments in Istanbul

Prices of owning apartments in Istanbul have risen steadily in recent years as the demand for real estate in Istanbul has been driven by the growing population, strong economy and growing interest from foreign investors.

According to recent data, the average price per square meter of an apartment for ownership in Istanbul is about 7,500 Turkish liras. However, prices vary according to the location, size, and amenities in the apartment.

It can be considered that the most expensive neighborhoods in Istanbul are the neighborhoods close to the city center, which are considered a starting point for most of the Turkish neighborhoods of Istanbul.

While more affordable options can be found in Turkey, Istanbul, in neighborhoods such as Esenyurt and Bakirkoy.

Despite the high prices, Turkey still offers several investment and real estate opportunities, from Turkish ownership apartments in various regions to Istanbul ownership apartments, as Istanbul is a popular destination for those who seek a vibrant and lively city to call home.

The importance of investing in real estate apartments in Türkiye 2023 through Mada Real Estate Company

Investing in real estate apartments in Turkey 2023 through Mada Real Estate Company is a wise decision for those looking to secure their financial future, and with the growing economy and increasing demand for good housing, Turkey offers a promising market for real estate investments.

Mada Real Estate Company is a reputable and experienced company in this field and offers a range of properties that meet different budgets and desires.

Moreover, the company provides excellent after-sales service, ensuring that investors receive continuous support and assistance for their properties.

Investing in real estate apartments in Turkey through Mada Real Estate Company is a reliable and profitable option for those looking for long-term financial stability.

Obtaining apartments for ownership in Turkey through Mada Real Estate Company is very easy, so you only have to communicate with it and win all the real estate services provided by Mada Real Estate Company.

Prices of owning apartments in Türkiye

Procedures for owning apartments in Türkiye

to own real estate in Turkey There are procedures that must be followed, and perhaps the most prominent of these procedures are:

  • Choose the appropriate property and verify all necessary information related to it, such as title deeds, location statement, property number, and the absence of any restrictions.
  • In addition, obtaining a tax number and translating the passport into Turkish is mandatory.
  • The next step also includes signing a sales agreement in the presence of a notary in both English and Turkish.
  •  Finally, it is important to review the Land Registry within 15 days of agreeing with the seller.
  • Following these procedures in a professional tone is crucial for a smooth real estate transaction in Turkey.

You can inquire more about the procedures for owning apartments in Turkey by contacting Mada Real Estate Company, which has great experience in the field of real estate investment.

The most important tips for buying apartments in Türkiye 2023

When thinking of buying apartments in Türkiye, it is important to pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Research and ensure that title documents are complete and properly registered. Failure to do so may lead to legal problems and potential fraud.
  2. It is also recommended to review the contract carefully and seek professional advice if necessary.
  3. Other factors to consider include the location of the apartment, the amenities and facilities offered, and the general condition of the property.
  4. Taking the time to make informed decisions and thoroughly appraising an apartment before buying can help ensure a successful and beneficial investment.

Questions about owning apartments in Türkiye

  1. How much is the down payment for ownership apartments?

In most cases, the first payment for buying apartments in Turkey is 10 percent of the total value of the apartment.

  1. How do I own an apartment in installments?

There are several steps that must be taken in order to own an apartment in installments in Istanbul, the most important of which is dealing with a distinguished real estate agent in order to know these steps and facilitate them for both parties, the seller and the buyer.

  1. Is it recommended to buy a ownership apartment?

Rental prices in Istanbul are high and continue to rise due to the large and growing demand for apartments in Istanbul, as it is one of the most important Turkish cities and a tourist city par excellence.

Therefore, owning an apartment in Istanbul makes you dispense with renting those apartments and start your life with stability and comfort.

Therefore, we can say that buying property apartments in Turkey is an important and useful matter.

  1. Can a foreigner own property in Türkiye?

After the amendments made by the Turkish government and the abolition of the principle of reciprocity with regard to the ownership of real estate in Turkey for foreigners, it became possible for a foreigner to own any type of real estate within the borders of the Turkish Republic.

Conclusion of the article: Owning apartments in Türkiye is an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship

In conclusion of this article, we have come to the conclusion that the ownership of apartments in Turkey 2023 is one of the ideal opportunities granted by the Turkish government in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

In addition, investing in real estate apartments in Turkey 2023 is an opportunity for successful and fruitful investment.

With its strategic location and growing economy, the region offers a promising investment destination for both local and foreign investors.

In short, owning apartments in Turkey 2023 is an opportunity for those interested in owning, settling or investing, so do not miss this opportunity.

Contact Mada Real Estate Company and get through it the most important real estate services it provides, in addition to knowing how to buy a property and obtain Turkish citizenship through ownership of apartments in Turkey.

It is recommended to seek guidance from reputable real estate companies, such as Mada Real Estate Company, by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by ownership apartments in Turkey.

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