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Public parks in Zeytinburnu area

Zeytinburnu is one of the charming coastal areas in Istanbul that attracts a lot of attention and interest from real estate investors and buyers. It is located on the European side of the city and overlooks the beautiful Sea of Marmara. This picturesque area...

This picturesque area is known for its green landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches, and peaceful atmosphere, which make it an ideal place for real estate investment and upscale living.

One of the famous real estate companies that provides its services in Zeytinburnu is Mada Real Estate Company. This company is distinguished by its extensive experience in the real estate market in Istanbul and its deep understanding of investors’ needs. Mada Real Estate Company provides various options of real estate in the Zeytinburnu area, including luxury apartments, luxury villas, and modern residential complexes. .

By dealing with Mada Real Estate Company, you can explore Zeytinburnu and discover its charm and beauty. You will find yourself surrounded by stunning nature and panoramic views of the sea and mountains, in addition to the availability of modern facilities and services in the region. You will be able to enjoy luxurious lifestyles and tranquility in this ideal location.

By cooperating with Mada Real Estate Company, you can benefit from its experience and deep knowledge of the real estate market in Zeytinburnu. The company will provide you with assistance in choosing the appropriate property that suits your needs and budget. The company will guarantee you a smooth and reliable purchase process while providing legal advice and assistance in all necessary procedures.

Explore Zeytinburnu through Mada Real Estate Company and prepare to immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty and fruitful real estate investments. You will discover that Zeytinburnu is the ideal place to realize your dreams of luxurious living and successful investment in Istanbul real estate.

General information about Borno olives

Zeytinburnu is a wonderful coastal area in Istanbul that is distinguished by its distinguished location next to the historical district of the city and is considered one of the best attractive areas for investors in the real estate sector.

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Zeytinburnu is located only a short distance from the historic center of Istanbul, as it extends next to the ancient walls of Constantinople. In addition, the area is a short distance from Ataturk Airport, making it a very desirable location.

Zeytinburnu is also characterized by the availability of multiple public transportation means, such as the metro, metrobus, tram, Marmaray undersea transit metro, and sea transportation, in addition to a wide network of bus lines that reach all neighborhoods and regions of Istanbul. This makes moving around the city easy and comfortable.

Zeytinburnu's unique location and the availability of services and facilities in the area make it an attractive destination for investors and residents. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and the wonderful seascapes while at the same time benefiting from easy access to the city center and major tourist attractions.

In short, Zeytinburnu provides all the advantages that real estate investors are looking for, such as a great location, modern facilities, and easy access to the city. If you are looking for a distinctive investment opportunity in Istanbul, Zeytinburnu is an area you should consider.

Get to know Istanbul Zeytinburnu

Where is Zeytinburnu Istanbul located?

The Zeytinburnu region is located in Istanbul and is bordered by several regions in all directions. It is bordered by the Fatih region to the east, the Bayrampasa region to the north, the Bakirkoy region to the west, and the Esenler region to the northwest, while it is bordered by the Sea of Marmara to the south.

The value of real estate in Zeytinburnu is due to its attractive coastal location in addition to its extension across lively and historical areas. The area combines the beauty of the beach with important historical sites.

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Are there tourist places in Zeytinburnu?

Yes, there are several famous tourist places in the Zeytinburnu area, and here are some of the places that are recommended to visit in the area:

  1. Oliveburnu Garden: This garden is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the region. It contains stunning landscapes, lakes and watery olive trees. You can wander through the shaded paths and enjoy the fresh air and charming scenes.
  2. Historic Zeytinburnu Palace: This palace is considered one of the main attractions in the region. The history of the palace dates back to the eighteenth century. It is distinguished by its luxurious architecture and beautiful gardens. You can explore the palace and discover its historical landmarks.
  3. Baybat Square: Baybat Square is considered one of the largest squares in Istanbul and is located in Zeytinburnu. The square includes many restaurants, cafes and shops and is a great place to enjoy shopping and dining.
  4. Zeytinburnu Museum of Contemporary Art: This museum displays a variety of contemporary artworks by Turkish and international artists. It is an ideal destination for art and culture lovers.
  5. Zeytinburnu Mall: This large commercial mall provides a unique shopping experience. It contains many shops, restaurants, and cinemas and provides a wide variety of goods and products. Zeytinburnu Market is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the region.

Remember that these are just some of the tourist places in Zeytinburnu area and there is more to explore and discover in the area.

Zeytinburnu area

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Public parks in Zeytinburnu area

The Medicinal Plants Garden in the Zeytinburnu area in downtown Istanbul is one of the most important destinations for those seeking treatment through natural methods in Turkey. The garden extends over an area of 14 thousand square meters and contains more than 700 types of different plants, making it the first and only of its kind in the country.

The Oliveburnu Garden provides a unique opportunity to enjoy viewing and studying many medicinal plants and herbs that grow in a natural environment, such as echinacea, perfume plant, valerian, and lavender. Visitors are introduced to these medicinal plants and the preservation of their diversity.

The garden dazzles visitors with its beauty and bright colors and gives them the opportunity to discover the ecosystem and reflect that healing is found in nature.

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Overall, the Medicinal Plant Garden in Zeytinburnu is an ideal destination for those who are interested in alternative medicine and want to explore the benefits of medicinal and herbal plants in a peaceful and beautiful environment.

Learn about the cultural development in Istanbul Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu in the city of Istanbul is currently witnessing a distinctive urban renaissance, and the area is a vital center for trade and industry in the city, but in recent years it has turned into a center for luxury real estate projects with leading brands in the region, as part of the development plan and comprehensive urban renaissance that the city of Istanbul is witnessing.

Modern commercial offices, luxury shopping malls and trendy residential complexes have mushroomed in the past 10 years, prompting many people to search for apartments for sale in Borno olives.

Consequently, real estate prices in the region increased and witnessed an active movement in the real estate market. Modern real estate projects also increased, which increased the value of the region as an investment area and raised real estate prices therein. This urban growth and comprehensive development reflects the growing interest in Zeytinburnu as a desirable investment and residential destination in Istanbul.

Can I find apartments for rent in Zeytinburnu?

Yes, of course, you can find apartments for rent in Zeytinburnu. Due to the urban development the area is witnessing and the increased interest in it as a desirable residential destination, there is a good availability of apartments for rent.

You can search for apartments available for rent in Zeytinburnu by contacting the most important investment companies in Turkey, Mada Real Estate Company in Istanbul, which has great experience in the field of real estate investment in Istanbul.

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Oliveburnu Istanbul

Residence in Zeytinburnu area

Zeytinburnu is one of the lively and distinctive areas in European Istanbul, as it combines urban development and historical heritage in a wonderful way. The area is characterized by the presence of beautiful green areas and distinctive water pools, in addition to the presence of children’s play spaces throughout the municipality of Zeytinburnu and its residential complexes.

Zeytinburnu is one of the upscale areas on the coast in Istanbul that is witnessing rapid and steady development and is considered an open-air museum.

From a commercial perspective, Zeytinburnu is a wonderful destination for those who love shopping and the clothing and leather trade, which raises the standard of living of residents in the region and attracts new investments continuously. Residents can enjoy modern shops and luxury stores in addition to the presence of many restaurants and cafes that offer wonderful gastronomic experiences.

In general, living and purchasing an apartment in Zeytinburnu is a wonderful opportunity, as residents can enjoy a unique blend of history, civilization, and modern development. In addition, residents enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes and entertainment venues available in the area.

Easy access to nearby beaches and tourist destinations also makes it possible to enjoy recreational activities and experience a comfortable and exciting life in Zeytinburnu.

Features of housing in Zeytinburnu area

Zeytinburnu area offers many attractive features for housing and here are some important features:

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  1. Central location: Zeytinburnu is located in a central location in European Istanbul, which makes it a central station for accessing many other areas of the city. In addition, advanced public transportation is available in the region, which facilitates transportation and access to important places.
  2. Urban development: Zeytinburnu is witnessing rapid urban development, as there are many modern real estate projects and luxury residential complexes. Modern residential apartments can be found with modern designs and upscale facilities.
  3. Facilities and Services: The area is characterized by the availability of a wide range of facilities and services. There are international schools, modern hospitals, luxury shopping centers, modern restaurants and cafes. In addition, there are many parks and green spaces that provide a comfortable environment for walking around and exercising.
  4. Nature and Landscape: Zeytinburnu embraces many picturesque landscapes, including green areas and distinctive water ponds. Residents can enjoy walking or cycling in the parks and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty.
  5. Safety: Zeytinburnu is considered a safe area for residence, as many security measures and security services are available, and the local authorities work to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents in the area.

In short, Zeytinburnu provides a distinctive residential environment that combines urban development, beautiful nature, and provides high-quality facilities and services, making it an ideal choice for housing in Istanbul.

Istanbul Zeytinburnu

Investing in Zeytinburnu area

Zeytinburnu is considered one of the exciting areas for investment in Istanbul and enjoys a number of diverse investment opportunities. Here are some important points about investing in Zeytinburnu:

  1. Real estate: Zeytinburnu is witnessing an increasing demand for real estate due to its central location and the urban development that the region is witnessing. You can invest in residential apartments or commercial offices in the region, and various options are available to meet your needs.
  2. Tourism and Hospitality: Zeytinburnu is considered a wonderful tourist destination in Istanbul, and therefore investing in the field of hotels, resorts and restaurants can be worthwhile and you can target tourists and visitors who are looking for a comfortable stay and a unique tourist experience in the region.
  3. Commercial and retail businesses: There are investment opportunities in the commercial and retail sector in Zeytinburnu, as commercial spaces and shops are available in shopping complexes and commercial centers, and you can open a store to sell products or invest in restaurants and cafes to target the local audience and visitors.
  4. Real estate development: If you are a real estate developer, you can explore real estate development opportunities in Zeytinburnu by building new residential or commercial projects, and you can benefit from the urban growth in the region and increase the value of real estate.
  5. Service industries: There are many service businesses that can be invested in in Zeytinburnu, such as health, educational, and entertainment services, and you can open a medical center, private school, or entertainment facility to meet the needs of local residents and the community.

With the increasing demand for real estate and services in Zeytinburnu, investing in the region can be a good opportunity to achieve financial return and economic growth.

What are the best times to visit Zeytinburnu?

Zeytinburnu can be visited at any time of the year as it enjoys moderate weather throughout the year. However, there are some seasons that visitors may prefer based on their interests and favorite activities. Here are some recommended times to visit Zeytinburnu:

Spring (March - May): Spring is considered one of the best times to visit Zeytinburnu, as temperatures are moderate and nature is at the peak of its beauty, with flowers blooming and green trees.

Summer (June – August): Summers in Zeytinburnu are sunny and warm giving you the opportunity to enjoy time in the green gardens and parks.

Autumn (September - November): Autumn in Zeytinburnu is characterized by mild weather and pleasant atmosphere and you can enjoy the changing colors of the trees and the picturesque landscape.

Winter (December - February): Winter temperatures in Zeytinburnu are cool and this may be a good time for visitors who prefer cold weather and enjoy winter activities such as skiing.

It should be noted that in the summer there may be crowding in tourist areas so it may be best to avoid peak periods if you prefer to stay calm and enjoy a quiet environment.

Frequently asked questions about Borno olives

  1. What is the location of Zeytinburnu area?

Zeytinburnu is an area located in the center of Istanbul, Turkey, about 15 kilometers away from Taksim Square, which is equivalent to less than half an hour by car.

  1. Does Zeytinburnu have any important tourist attractions?

Yes, Zeytinburnu contains several prominent tourist attractions, such as the Medicinal Plants Garden, Gulhane Park, Fatih Park, and Belgrade Park.

  1. What facilities are available in Zeytinburnu area?

Zeytinburnu offers a variety of facilities such as schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, cafes and public transportation stations.

  1. Is Zeytinburnu a safe area to stay and visit?

Yes, Zeytinburnu is considered a safe area to stay and visit. It has security measures and the presence of security personnel to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

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  1. Is public transportation available in Zeytinburnu?

Yes, public transportation is available in Zeytinburnu, such as buses, metro lines, and trams, which makes it easy to move around the area and reach other places in Istanbul.

  1. Are there shopping centers in Zeytinburnu?

Yes, Zeytinburnu contains the Zeytinburnu Market and the Zeytinburnu Mall, in addition to several shopping centers and shops where you can find various brands and products.

Conclusion of the Zeytinburnu article, learn about it through Mada Real Estate Company

In the conclusion of Zeytinburnu’s article, the main points can be summarized as follows:

Zeytinburnu is considered a distinctive tourist destination in Istanbul, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes.

The area has a rich history and unique culture where visitors can explore historical monuments such as the Palace of the Sea King and the Church of Santa Maria Deriba.

Zeytinburnu includes a variety of restaurants and cafes serving traditional and international cuisine, allowing visitors to experience diverse tastes and explore delicious Turkish cuisine.

There are various housing options available in Zeytinburnu, ranging from residential apartments to luxury resorts, which provides opportunities for real estate investment and enjoyment of living in this beautiful area.

Visitors can enjoy recreational activities in Zeytinburnu such as diving, boating and walking on the waterfront, making it an ideal destination for those who want to relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

In short, Zeytinburnu is a wonderful destination in Istanbul that combines the beauty of nature, history and culture and provides excellent opportunities to enjoy tourism and real estate investment.

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