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The Istanbul Metrobus line, its history and importance

Metrobus Istanbul line

The city of Istanbul has a long history and a rich culture, but in addition to that, there is a modern aspect that plays a vital role in moving the city and facilitating the lives of its residents and visitors. It is the Istanbul Metrobus line, the public transportation system that is an essential pillar in the transportation infrastructure in Istanbul. The Istanbul Metrobus line is an engineering and technological masterpiece that was designed To provide a fast and efficient way to move around the city's lively corridors.

In this article, we will explore the history of the Metrobus line in Istanbul and discuss its growing importance. We will shed light on how it has developed over the years and its impact on the lives of residents and visitors. We will also discuss the benefits that this important line provides and how it plays a vital role in alleviating traffic congestion and improving the quality of life in the city.

In addition, we will learn about the stations of the Istanbul Metrobus line and all transportation routes in Istanbul

We will review the most important stations and areas through which the Istanbul Metrobus line passes, as well as the future expansions planned to enhance the Istanbul transportation network.

In short, the Metrobus Istanbul line is not just a means of transportation, but rather a symbol of development and technological progress in the city. This line reflects the dedication of the local authorities to improving the city’s transportation and providing effective solutions to civilizational challenges.

Let us discover together the story of the Metrobus Istanbul line and its vital role in improving people’s lives and well-being in this wonderful city.

What is the Metrobus Istanbul line?

The Istanbul Metrobus line is a rapid transit system that is considered the longest and fastest transportation line in the city. It is characterized by the operation of double-length and wide buses. The Metrobus system is considered independent of regular traffic, which contributes to providing fast and efficient trips without being affected by traffic congestion.

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The Metrobus line consists of two outbound and return lines. The Metrobus stations in Istanbul provide a machine to fill the Istanbul Kart, which is the electronic payment system used in public transportation in the city.

The Istanbul Metrobus line has many advantages and is considered an important means of transportation for citizens and visitors alike. It provides a fast and reliable way to move around the city away from traffic congestion. It also has a wide network of stations covering many areas in Istanbul.

By using the Istanbul transportation card, travelers can load it in the card filling machines at all Bus Istanbul metro stations. This card is considered a convenient and safe method, as it can also be used in many other means of public transportation in the city, such as the metro stations in Istanbul and the tram line in Istanbul.

The history and stages of construction of the Istanbul Metrobus line

The Metrobus Raceway in Istanbul was built in multiple stages. The construction process began in 2006, when the first part of the line, which extends from the Avcılar area to the Topkapi area, was built and opened in 2007 AD.

Then the extension of the Metrobus Istanbul line began in the second phase to the Cengirlikoyu area in 2008 AD.

Finally, the Istanbul metro line was extended from the Cengirlikoy area across the first bridge over the Bosphorus Strait to the Sogutlusezme area in Kadikoy, and this extension was completed in 2009 AD.

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Metrobus stations, get to know them

Why is the Metrobus Istanbul line considered the backbone of transportation in Istanbul?

Metrobus Istanbul stations are considered the backbone of transportation in Istanbul for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: Istanbul Metrobus stations operate efficiently and quickly as it passes a dedicated and isolated route that avoids public road congestion and has a high frequency as one bus after another is available regularly, ensuring that passengers arrive in a short time.
  2. Comprehensive coverage: The Istanbul Metrobus line extends across the city of Istanbul from the European side to the Asian side and passes through different and vital areas. The Metrobus stations are available along the line sufficiently to meet the needs of residents in various regions, such as the Mecidiyekoy Istanbul station in addition to the Avcılar Metrobus and also the Beylikduzu Metrobus and the Istanbul Metrobus station. Where are we?
  3. Large capacity: Istanbul Metrobus Bus Station accommodates a large number of passengers, as each bus can accommodate about 190 passengers. Thanks to the operation of many buses around the clock, the transportation needs of a large number of passengers are met.
  4. Time and cost: The Istanbul Metrobus line was built using existing infrastructure such as roads and bridges, which reduced the costs and time spent on construction compared to other transportation lines such as the metro and tram. This means that the Metrobus is considered an economical and effective solution to improve the city's public transportation system.

In short, the Metrobus in Istanbul is considered the backbone of transportation due to its efficiency, comprehensive coverage, large capacity, and the time and cost savings it provides compared to other alternatives.

It is a unique project in the region and is considered a successful model for improving and facilitating traffic in the city.

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What are the itineraries of Metrobus Istanbul?

There are 6 main metrobus lines in Istanbul, and each line follows a specific route on the main roads.

The first metrobus station on the Asian side of Istanbul begins at Sogutlu Station, and the last station ends in the Beylikdüzü area, which is Son Durak Station near Tuyap Fair.

Night line G34 provides continuous service from Beylikduzu to Sogutlu Cesme without having to change the bus in the middle of the trip.

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How to pay when riding the Metrobus Istanbul line

The city of Istanbul has a payment system for riding the Metrobus that relies on the prepaid Istanbul Card. This card can be purchased from the bus station or small kiosks spread throughout the city for a nominal amount. The card can be loaded with the required amount and used to pay when riding the Metrobus.

Children between the ages of 6 and 10 years in Turkey are free to use all means of transportation for free, whether Metro Bus, Istanbul buses, or any means of transportation from the Metro Internal Transport Company in Turkey.

Free transportation is also provided to everyone on official holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Metrobus Istanbul stations

Features of housing near the Istanbul Metrobus line

As for housing close to the Metrobus line in Istanbul, it has several advantages, including:

  1. Ease of transportation: Residence near the Metrobus provides ease of transportation and movement between the European side and the Asian side of Istanbul.
  2. Transportation continuity: The Metrobus line overlaps with the bus schedules in Istanbul and the light rail and metro stations, making it easier for passengers to reach all areas. Istanbul.
  3. Real estate value: The property close to the Istanbul Metrobus line is witnessing an increase in value, which facilitates the process of selling or renting it.
  4. Presence of commercial centers: There are many commercial centers opposite the Metrobus stations, making them easily accessible and providing shopping and entertainment facilities.
  5. Investment opportunities: There are many investment projects in the areas adjacent to the metropolis, which provides opportunities for investors to choose from and benefit from real estate investment.

In short, housing close to the Metrobus line in Istanbul provides ease of transportation, the presence of various facilities, and various investment opportunities.

Istanbul transportation application

If you decide to visit the city of Istanbul or move to live in it, it is important to know that there are many applications available in the city that facilitate the lives of residents and visitors and provide them with all the necessary services. The most important of these applications is the Istanbul Transportation application, which provides you with a comfortable and easy means of transportation, regardless of that means, whether a connected line. Istanbul, buses, buses, etc.

You can download these applications on your mobile phone and benefit from them while you are touring beautiful Istanbul or when preparing to live there. Here are some of the most famous transportation applications in Istanbul:

  1. Istanbul Kart application: This application is considered an important companion for those who want to use public transportation in Istanbul, such as buses, metro, and trams. Through it, you can control your Istanbul Kart card, know the available balance on it, and recharge it when the balance runs out. The application also provides information about the bus schedule program in Turkey public transport map, available stations and lines.
  2. Your Mobile Guide application: This application is considered a useful guide for exploring Istanbul in a distinctive way. The application provides discounted tickets for tourist places and provides information about the most prominent places that can be visited. It also contains audio guides for museums and tourist tours designed for walking. The application also provides a free guide to the entire city and includes the names of the regions. In Asian Istanbul and recommends distinctive family programs.

This application is simply an ideal companion for exploring Istanbul and enjoying a unique travel experience.

Of course, there are more useful applications available in Istanbul, and you can explore other applications such as taxi booking applications or applications to improve the travel experience in general, and before visiting or moving to the city, it is preferable to download and review these applications to facilitate your trip and make it smoother and more enjoyable.

Marmaray metro stations

In addition to the availability of the Istanbul Metrobus line, the Marmaray train is available, which is a modern means of railway transportation in the city of Istanbul that includes a sea tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait. The new line of the Marmaray train extends from the Gebze area on the Asian side of Istanbul and passes under the Bosphorus Strait via the Marmaray metro line and reaches the Sirkeci area on the European side. For the city, this is considered the first railway tunnel opened in Turkey under the Bosphorus Strait and is a link between the European and Asian banks of Istanbul.

Work on the Marmaray train took nine years. The train extends from the Zeytinburnu area to the Halkali area in western Istanbul and provides a comfortable and fast way to move across the city.

The Marmaray train is an important addition to the public transportation system in Istanbul, as it contributes to alleviating traffic congestion and providing an efficient and sustainable means of transportation for residents and visitors. Travelers can enjoy stunning sea views while crossing the strait, which adds value to the train travel experience.

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Bus Istanbul metro stations

Can I use the Marmaray train to reach the main tourist areas of Istanbul

Yes, you can use the Marmaray train to reach some of the main tourist areas in Istanbul. Although the Marmaray train extends through the entire city from the Asian side to the European side, it does not reach all the tourist areas directly, and after you arrive at one of the Marmaray train stations on the European side, you can benefit from Other public transportation networks in Istanbul, such as the Metrobus Istanbul line, buses, and trams to reach the main tourist areas. For example, you can go from Marmaray train station in the Zeytinburnu area to the Park Taksim metro station in the city center, where many famous tourist attractions and shops are available.

In addition, you can take advantage of public transportation applications in Istanbul to plan your trips and know the appropriate lines and stations to reach the tourist areas you want to visit.

These applications provide information about lines, times, and directions, which makes it easier for you to navigate the city with ease.

Note that there may be some major tourist areas in Istanbul that are not directly reached by Marmaray trains and therefore you will need to use other public transportation or private transportation to reach them.

Frequently asked questions about the Metrobus Istanbul line

  1. What is the Metrobus line in Istanbul?

Metrobus Istanbul line is a rapid public transportation system that runs along highways designated for buses and is one of the most important means of transportation in the city.

  1. What are the methods of paying fees for riding the Metrobus Istanbul line?

Metrobus ride fees are paid using the Istanbul Kart prepaid card. The card can be purchased and charged from a bus stop or the nearest metro station to my location.

  1. Are there special prices for students and teachers?

Yes, special rates are provided for students and teachers on Metrobus Istanbul ride fees, and students and teachers can benefit from special discounts when purchasing and using the card.

  1. Can the prepaid card be refunded?

Yes, the price of the prepaid card can be refunded at any time when it is returned to any authorized seller, and the card must be in good condition and not damaged.

  1. Can Istanbul Kart be used for other means of transportation?

Yes, the Istanbul Card can be used on many public transportation means in Istanbul, including the metro, trams, buses, and ferries, and it can be used to easily move between these means.

  1. Is Aksaray considered a Metrobus Istanbul station?

No, Aksaray is not part of the Istanbul Metrobus line.

Conclusion of the article on the Istanbul Metrobus Line, its history and importance

At the end of this article, it can be said that the Metrobus line in Istanbul dates back to the year 2007 AD, when it began operating for the first time. Since then, the Metrobus line has become an essential part of the city’s public transportation system.

The Istanbul Metrobus line is an important and effective means of transportation in Istanbul due to several reasons we mentioned within this article.

In short, the Metrobus line in Istanbul is an important development in the city's public transportation system. It contributes to facilitating transportation, saving time, and alleviating traffic congestion. It is considered a popular and preferred option for many residents and visitors in Istanbul.

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Buying a property in Istanbul, contact Mada Real Estate Company

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