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Advantages of investing in Sancaktepe

Advantages of investing in Sancaktepe

Sancaktepe is one of the areas belonging to the city of Istanbul, which includes a huge number of great historical places that are worth venturing to, and among these areas are the Sarigazi Kuyu Well, Pashakoy Cave and other beautiful places that give you more comfort and enjoyment when hiking, and not only that, but the area Sancaktepe is one of the places where real estate investment is flourishing. This is because it is one of the most famous areas of urban development.

Here, we will explain all the necessary details about the Sancaktepe region, its most famous areas, markets, historical monuments, and so on.

General information about Svencak Tepe

There is a set of general information about the Sancaktepe region, which many people are ignorant of, and this information comes as follows:

With the increasing foreign interest in taking advantage of investment opportunities within the city of Istanbul, Sancaktepe has witnessed an occupation in the forefront of the real estate market.

  • Sancaktepe has become crowded due to the addition of a metro station to improve transportation to and from it.
  • The area aspires to be unique in terms of organization in establishing real estate far from the slums that other areas lived in.
  • The region has attracted interest from the rest of the Asian part, due to its innovative and advanced infrastructure, which includes the development of Asia's largest hospital in Istanbul.
  • This hospital is the largest in Turkey, which has created nearly 15,000 job opportunities, allowing the region to rapidly gain the trust of specialists and companies.
  • The area is also well served by transportation, which connects it to Asian Istanbul and European Istanbul on the other side.
  • It also has many public gardens that add beauty to its appeal, as well as breathtaking forests that collect many types of valuable and rare plants and flowers.
  • And implicitly, this region, which has produced a mixture of nature, ancient structures, and developed real estate projects, has enhanced the attractiveness of those wishing to live in Istanbul.
  • The municipality wants the historic structures to be special heirlooms that gain increased tourist value over time, with some old apartment buildings being developed or removed to make room for luxury apartment complexes.
  • The region's stocks are likely to rise with the improvement of positive expectations after implementing deliberate measures to develop it further.
  • Residents of the Sancaktepe area can easily move to the Chatalca and Silivri areas located in the far reaches of Istanbul, through the distinctive means of transportation in the Sancaktepe area.
  • In recent times, the Sanjak region has witnessed a high population density.
  • Sancaktepe has an area of 63 km2, and it has more than 500,000 people.
  • Sancaktepe district is divided into four parts and contains 19 districts.

When you want to invest or own real estate, you should think first about this special area, as it is a comprehensive investment that is rapidly growing and keeping pace with development.

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Characteristics of the Sancaktepe area

In this paragraph, we will learn about the advantages of the Sancak Teppe region.
Sancaktepe is one of the areas that has witnessed a massive expansion in the urban areas in the past few years, which has worked on developing housing operations and government services, which gives it a unique character due to its proximity to the forest and the tourist area of Sile Istanbul, which made it a dream to settle by many people, especially after Investors in the real estate industry have transformed the old neighborhoods into contemporary ones, and there are a number of advantages that the investor enjoys when owning an apartment in Sancaktepe, and these advantages are as follows:

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  • The residential complexes inside Sancaktepe are characterized by exquisite artistic architecture with horizontal extensions and varying heights, and the apartments inside Sancaktepe are compatible with the laws and standards of Turkish nationality.
  • Having large indoor gardens.
  • Large commercial malls are located within the residential complexes in Sancaktepe, which meet all the needs of the residents.
  • Transportation in the Sancaktepe area is characterized by the presence of a metro linking it to Uskudar.
  • Many educational institutions, including schools, institutes and universities, can be found in Sancaktepe.
  • The presence of a wide range of governmental and private hospitals.
  • There is a wide range of markets and shops.
  • Many ancient sites, such as the Paşaköy Rumi Cave and the Sargazi Kuyu Mosque, are located in the Sancaktepe district of Istanbul.
  • Residential buildings in Sancaktepe, whose modern designs have attracted a large number of Arab and foreign investors seeking to enter the Turkish real estate market, with the acquisition of real estate and facilities that provide an integrated social context.

Advantages of investing in the wonderful Sancaktepe

What are the popular areas in Sancaktepe?

The Sancaktepe region includes a large number of unique tourist areas, such as:

  • Osta efkan hak spring.
  • Sargazi Koyo well..
  • Paşakoy Rumi Cave.
  • Sargazi Koyo Mosque..

All of them are historical sites worth visiting and seeing in the Sancaktepe area. The Sancaktepe area is close to the forests, which are excellent for walking with family and friends, as it provides a wonderful day full of activities.

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Infrastructure in Sancaktepe

Sancaktepe has succeeded in creating huge infrastructure and housing projects with structures that extend horizontally, surrounded by green parks and water bodies, over the past five years.

In addition to establishing a transportation node within Istanbul, it is also close to public and private schools, as well as a number of universities, which makes it a good long-term investment.

Where is Sancaktepe located?

Here, many visitors come to mind a question, where is Sancaktepe located?
The answer is that the Sancaktepe region is located on the side of the Asian side of Istanbul, which is also known for its strategic location along the coast of the Sea of Marmara, next to the Uskudar and Kadikoy regions, in addition to its uniqueness near forests, and the famous area of Istanbul's tourist shila, also located near the TEM road, All of these places help in moving to the European side of Istanbul.

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is about 22 kilometers from the Sancaktepe district. If you have heard of Istanbul's center of contemporary urban and service developments with its beautiful nature and rapid transformations in modern infrastructure, Sancaktepe is undoubtedly one of them. Since then, the area has developed into a brand. Famous attract investors.

Sancaktepe markets

Sancaktepe is characterized by many markets and shopping centers, providing people with a vibrant and modern lifestyle, there are many activities and shopping opportunities for all occasions with family and friends, and among these malls are the following:

  • Metro Garden Mall.
  • Outlet center.
  • Celcak Tepe Rings.

Learn about the advantages of investing in the wonderful Sancaktepe

How to buy a property in Sancaktepe

To avoid the risks, you must understand how to buy real estate in Sancaktepe correctly in order to reach the desired goal; Therefore, a group of real estate consultants developed a set of tips that cover the most important aspects that must be taken into account before starting any real estate purchase in Sancaktepe. The steps to buy a property in Sancaktepe or in Turkey in general are as follows:

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Before buying a property, you must first set a goal:

  1. Before embarking on a journey to find the best offers for you that you might get lost in, ask yourself honestly what do you want? Do you want to buy a property for the purpose of investing and obtaining citizenship? Or just for living? Or what areas of real estate do you want to invest in? And other special and obvious questions.
  2. If you enter into the search process directly without defining the goals correctly, you will face many possibilities, which generally affect your ability to make the final choice.
  3. You simply need to define your goals and interests while properly budgeting to prevent conflict with subsequent prospects that do not quite match your criteria and do not meet your financial capabilities to avoid swinging between available offers without acquiring a specific property.

Resorting to a reputable and reliable real estate company:

You must first deal with a reputable real estate company before considering buying a house in Sancaktepe or in Turkey in general. Gone are the days when it was considered a wise decision to buy a house on your own.

On the contrary, it has become fashionable to resort to a real estate company as long as it has a good reputation, in order to achieve all the goals that you set for yourself when buying a property, so make sure that you always focus your search on a reputable real estate company.

The role of real estate agents is to assist in the process of selecting your possibilities in a personalized manner. Tell the agent what you want to achieve, and he will do everything he can to help you achieve it.

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However, if your preferred requirements are not available in the market, the company will direct you to alternatives that are more compatible with your point of view and offer unexpected benefits.

The company will determine the validity of all your ownership procedures, and the company will also provide support in managing your property and achieving all your residential or investment goals during the after-sale stage. Whether you choose to live in Turkey or wish to return to your homeland, the company will provide all What it takes to rest and succeed.

Learn about the advantages of investing in the wonderful and distinctive Sancaktepe

Visiting Sancaktepe, Türkiye:

  • Now is the right time to visit Turkey and learn the method and procedures for buying a property there, specifically buying a property in Sancaktepe, and after you find the best suitable real estate agent here, it is time to move to places based on the information and capabilities that you got from online real estate advice.
  • There are several companies that provide you with excellent services that make your arrival in Turkey simple and enjoyable, whether in terms of VIP greetings at airports, 5-star hotel accommodation, translation, transportation, real estate tours, Turkish tourism, and so on.

Take a real estate tour before proceeding with the property purchase process:

  • Customize the projects that meet your interests after watching the videos and photos of the projects online in order to buy a property in Turkey, taking into account the consultations you have benefited from.
  • The company that you chose organizes the real estate tour plan in a correct way, so that you save time and effort by seeing the projects close to each other in just one day.
  • Due to the strong link that brings together sales experts from various construction companies in Turkey, sales agents in real estate investment companies will provide you with all project details with transparency and confidence, as well as guaranteed price negotiation.

Real estate preview:

  • When inspecting real estate, there must be prior experience in this field in order to highlight problems and shortcomings in the real estate, especially when buying a used real estate.
  • Real estate professionals help you conduct a comprehensive examination of the property you wish to buy in order to determine its benefits, draw attention to its defects, and find out whether the property is worth buying or not.
  • This type of inspection and audit is not required for new real estate developments, but is required for individuals looking to purchase existing or used property in Turkey.

Signing the contract for the purchase of the property:

  • The selected real estate investment company will deal with all administrative and legal procedures in order to complete the ownership process in Turkey and sign the purchase contract, which results in owning the full title deed or the full title deed.
  • The property transfer process in general in Turkey often takes 3 to 4 weeks, which includes real estate tours, negotiations, signing and paying money “in cash or in installments”, among other things.

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The title deed must be registered:

  • The process of buying a home in Turkey is not complete until the tapu is registered within the local tax offices.
  • Since the title deed is one of the most important documents in the buying process and is important for the post-acquisition stage, the investment firm will help you complete the step with confidence.
  • Reliable companies will provide multilingual translators at your disposal to ensure all title deed clauses are translated in a professional and believable manner.

Opening a bank account:

In order to own a property in Turkey, you must open a bank account in order to pay the required fees.

Advantages of investing in Sancaktepe

And after we got acquainted with the advantages of the Sancaktepe region, we will now discuss to find out Advantages of investing in Sancaktepe:

In the past years, the rapid development of residential buildings has contributed to the process of attracting many investors who want to enter the field of real estate investment in Turkey, and own real estate and integrated social buildings that provide many profit opportunities, especially with the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.

It is worth noting that the Turkish investment citizenship program is one of the most attractive options for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership, where the investor can possess a Turkish passport in three months for an investment of $400,000, in addition to the ability of the property, meaning that the owner invests in the property. By renting it or reselling it after three years and obtaining profits, and here the investor obtained the interest in various ways.

Learn about the advantages of investing in the wonderful and distinctive Sancaktepe with Mada Real Estate Company

As for the advantages of investing in Sancaktepe, it is due to several factors:

Schools in Sancaktepe district

Schools in the Sancaktepe region include multiple stages (kindergarten, primary, preparatory), and they are divided into public schools and private schools, and the most famous of these schools is the International Al-Basel Foundation, and there is also a large group of institutes and universities within the Sancaktepe region, and Ozyegin University is one of the most famous Private universities in Sincaktepe, and they provide distinguished educational services to all students using the latest education methods and the latest technologies to keep pace with the modern era, all of this is one of the advantages of investing in Sincaktepe.

Hospitals in Sancaktepe district

One of the advantages of investing in Sancaktepe is also the availability of health service, as there is a large group of public and private hospitals and health centers in the Sancaktepe region that provide comprehensive and diverse medical services to the population, including the “Sancaktepe” teaching hospital, which is one of the most famous and largest hospitals in On the Asian side of Istanbul, which occupies an area of 53,000 square meters, Sancaktepe is one of the best places to invest in because of the many and distinctive services it provides to everyone.

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Transportation in Sancaktepe District

In terms of transportation in the Sancaktepe area, the area is full of traffic and transportation that connects it to European and Asian Istanbul, because it is equipped with a strong infrastructure and a modern and diverse transportation network designed to maintain traffic safety throughout Istanbul, and this network consists of taxis, buses and a metro station in the area Sancaktepe connects it to the Uskudar region.

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This was all the information about Sancaktepe in Istanbul, which is one of the wonderful and vibrant areas, as it has an urban style that is distinguished by its horizontal extension and different heights of residential buildings, in addition to that it includes large internal gardens in residential complexes and many unique shopping centers, and here we have finished From our topic that we explained

Area features and investment In it, in addition to clarifying the advantages of buying a property there, we have also explained the detailed location of the Sancaktepe area, and the schools and hospitals in it.

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