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Apartments for sale on Maryam Island

Mada Real Estate, based in Dubai, is pleased to offer you an exceptional investment opportunity in the United Arab Emirates through apartments for sale on Maryam Island, Sharjah, featuring enchanting sea views.

What Do You Need to Know About Apartments for Sale on Marium Island, Sharjah UAE and house prices in Sharjah? And What Is the Significance of Investing in These Apartments?

Let's dive into this article to learn more about apartments for sale on Maryam Island, Sharjah UAE, with enchanting sea views and everything related to the services provided by these apartments.


Apartments for Sale on Maryam Island, Sharjah UAE with Enchanting Sea Views

Maryam Island, situated in the cultural hub of the United Arab Emirates, introduces a fresh and unique dimension to Sharjah's real estate sector. This real estate development features a variety of apartments available for purchase on Maryam Island ( house prices in Sharjah), along with sophisticated apartments and expansive villas. Furthermore, Maryam Island presents upscale 4- and 5-star waterfront hotels.

What sets Maryam Island apart is its beautiful natural landscapes and panoramic views, especially during sunset. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy dining and refreshments in a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer stunning views of the sea and the surrounding landscapes.

The apartments available for purchase on Maryam Island are distinguished by their sophistication and spacious layouts, boasting modern designs and high-quality furnishings ( house prices in Sharjah). They come equipped with a full range of contemporary amenities and services to fulfill the requirements of both residents and guests.

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In addition to that, the exceptional location of Maryam Island provides opportunities to enjoy various water activities such as yachting, diving, and fishing. Not to mention Coral Beach Resort Sharjah , Visitors can explore the beauty of the sea and the stunning sandy beaches and Sharjah corniche.

In summary, apartments for sale on Maryam Island represent a fantastic destination for tourism and real estate investment in Sharjah UAE . Visitors and residents can enjoy staying in elegant apartments or spacious villas and revel in the beautiful views and luxurious facilities on the waterfront and Sharjah beach.

Maryam Island, Sharjah Location

Maryam Island is situated in the heart of Sharjah Dubai, making it an exceptional location for owning a home with enchanting views of the Arabian Sea. It is the first residential area on the waterfront in Sharjah and provides easy access from Dubai-Sharjah , Sharjah -Dubai and neighboring emirates.

Maryam Island is known for its proximity to several important places, including:

Expo Sharjah: It is one of the city's prominent commercial and entertainment centers, where you can shop and enjoy restaurants, cafes, and entertainment events.

Dubai Airport: Located close to Maryam Island, making it easy to reach the city and travel to other destinations worldwide. Dubai Sharjah -Sharjah Dubai

University of Sharjah: One of the leading universities in the UAE, providing excellent educational opportunities for students seeking higher education.

Sharjah International Airport: A vital airport offering domestic and international flights, facilitating travel and commuting to other destinations.

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Thanks to its exceptional location and easy access to neighboring areas, apartments for sale on Maryam Island are an attractive choice for living and investing in Sharjah. You can enjoy stunning sea views and a luxurious lifestyle, ( Coral beach Resort Sharjah , Occidental Sharjah Grand), in this charming area.


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5 Advantages Offered by Apartments for Sale on Maryam Island

Maryam Island is one of the enchanting islands in Sharjah UAE, United Arab Emirates, offering luxurious residential properties with captivating sea views. The island provides a range of apartments available for sale ( house prices in Sharajah), and here are some points to know about apartments for sale on Maryam Island in Sharjah:

  1. Location and Views: Maryam Island is ideally located near Old Sharjah and provides captivating views of the Arabian Sea. You can enjoy breathtaking sea views and the sunrise and sunset from your apartment's balcony ( Sharjah corniche).
  2. Design and Amenities: Apartments on Maryam Island feature luxurious and contemporary designs. They offer high-quality furnishings and architectural elegance that caters to diverse tastes. The apartments provide comfortable spaces and stunning interior designs.
  3. Facilities and Services: Apartments for sale in Maryam Island provide various facilities and services to ensure the comfort and well-being of residents. These amenities include pools , (coral beach resort sharjah, occidental sharjah grand, sharjah beach), health clubs, parks, green spaces, and commercial and recreational areas.
  4. Security and Privacy: Marium Island prioritizes providing a safe and secure environment for residents. They use advanced security technologies and security personnel to ensure the safety of residents.
  5. Real Estate Investment: Apartments for sale on Marium Island can be a good choice for real estate investors. Sharjah has an active real estate market, and there is an expected increase in demand for properties in the future, making investing in apartments on Marium Island a good opportunity for return on investment.

Before making a purchase, it's always advisable to verify information and personally visit the site. It's also essential to review legal documents and ensure property registration, along with the terms and conditions related to the purchase. Additionally, you can collaborate with trusted local real estate agents for more information. One of the prominent real estate investment and development companies is Dubai-based Mada Real Estate Company.

Importance of Apartments for Sale on Maryam Island in Real Estate Investment

Apartments for sale on Maryam Island hold significant importance in real estate investment due to several factors that make them highly valuable. Here are some points contributing to the importance of real estate investment in these apartments:

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  1. Location: Maryam Island boasts a prime location in Sharjah, situated in a luxurious coastal area that offers stunning sea views. This attractive island's location enhances the property's value and attracts both residents and visitors.
  2. High Demand: Sharjah has an active real estate market with a continuous demand for luxury apartments. Apartments for sale on Maryam Island can draw the attention of real estate investors and buyers looking for upscale housing in an exceptional location.
  3. Amenities Available: Maryam Island offers a range of luxurious facilities and services that contribute to the residents' comfort and well-being. These amenities include pools, health clubs, recreational areas, restaurants, cafes, and commercial zones. These facilities provide a luxurious living experience and enhance the property's value.
  4. Security and Privacy: Maryam Island places a strong emphasis on providing a safe and secure environment for its residents. Advanced security technologies and security personnel are employed to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. This enhances the appeal of the island's apartments to investors and buyers.
  5. Return on Investment: Maryam Island apartments for sale can offer a promising opportunity for achieving a return on investment. It is expected that property values in the region will increase over time, potentially resulting in a high return upon selling the property in the future or leasing it to those seeking luxury accommodation.

However, real estate investors should consider several factors before making an investment decision, whether in Marium Island apartments or any other property. It is advisable to conduct a thorough market study and assess the expected returns and potential risks before making any investment decisions.

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6 Conditions for Buying Mayam Island Apartments in Sharjah – Get to Know Them:

The conditions for purchasing Marium Island apartments in Sharjah UAE may vary between different real estate projects, depending on the property developer's policies, regulations, and local laws. Nonetheless, there are some general conditions that may be required when buying apartments on Maryam Island or any other real estate project in Sharjah. Here are some possible conditions:

  1. Financial Eligibility: Buyers may be required to provide financial proof of their ability to cover the purchase costs. This might involve submitting financial statements, salary certificates, and bank account statements.
  2. Legal Age: Buyers are generally required to meet the legal age requirement for entering into property contracts and conducting financial transactions when making a purchase.
  3. Down Payment o search for Maryam Island apartments for sale, buyers are required to secure a down payment when signing the contract to purchase the apartment. The percentage of the down payment may vary depending on the property developer's policy and the specific real estate project.
  4. Additional Costs: Buyers should be aware of potential additional costs associated with purchasing the property, such as registration fees, legal fees, and annual maintenance fees.
  5. Legal Document Verification: Buyers should verify the legal documents related to the property, such as the title deed and necessary government permits, to ensure that the property complies with local regulations and laws.
  6. Contracting with a Licensed Real Estate Agent: Contracting with a licensed and reputable real estate agent can be a beneficial step for the buyer. A real estate agent can provide professional advice, guidance, and assistance in the purchasing process, as well as in negotiating with the property developer. It is advisable to get in touch with local real estate agencies or trusted property developers in (Sharjah Dubai) Maryam Island to obtain more detailed information about the specific conditions for purchasing apartments. Notably, one of the leading and highly experienced real estate investment companies in Dubai Sharjah is the "Mada Real Estate."


What Services Are Available in Maryam Island Apartments in Sharjah?

Maryam Island apartments in Sharjah offer a wide range of services and amenities to meet the residents' needs, enhancing their comfort and well-being. The available services in these apartments may include:

  1. Security and Protection: 24hour security services are available to ensure the safety of residents and the protection of properties. This may involve a closed-circuit surveillance system and security personnel to maintain security within the residential complex.
  2. Schools and Universities: The city of Sharjah provides numerous educational institutions and some teaching universities to cover a wide range of specialties.
  3. Hospitals and Health Clinics: One of the foremost services offered by Maryam Island in Sharjah is the provision of hospitals and medical clinics to cater to the healthcare needs of the surrounding residential communities.
  4. Pools and Recreational Areas: Maryam Island apartments and residential complexes may include swimming pools and recreational areas for residents to enjoy swimming and recreational activities conveniently located near their homes ( coral beach resort sharjah , occidental sharjah grand, sharjah beach, sharjah corniche).
  5. Health and Fitness Clubs: Health clubs equipped with sports facilities and fitness amenities might be at your disposal, allowing residents to partake in sports and enjoy health-related activities conveniently near their homes.
  6. Commercial Areas: Marium Island apartments may feature commercial areas within the residential project or in the vicinity, allowing residents easy access to shopping outlets, restaurants, cafes, and other services.
  7. Parking luts : The apartments provide parking for both residents and visitors, ensuring secure and convenient parking within the residential complex.
  8. Maintenance: The property developer provides regular maintenance services to ensure the quality of the property and the proper operation of facilities. General maintenance and cleanliness of common areas and amenities are taken care of.
  9. Community Management: A community management team may be available to oversee and manage the daily operations within the residential complex. Residents can communicate with the management team for assistance and to address any issues or inquiries.

Apartments for sale in Maryam Island, Sharjah

Sharjah Industrial Area 6

Six Water Activities Available on Maryam Island, Sharjah UAE: Maryam Island offers a variety of enjoyable and diverse water activities for both visitors and residents. Here are some of the water activities available on Marium Island:

  1. Yachting: You can rent a private yacht to enjoy a leisurely cruise around the beautiful blue waters surrounding Maryam Island. Explore the coastlines , Sharjah beach and neighboring islands, all while taking in the breathtaking natural scenery and the beauty of the sea (sharjah corniche).
  2. Diving: Maryam Island is an excellent destination for diving enthusiasts. You can explore rich coral reefs teeming with marine life and dive in the calm, crystal-clear waters. Diving centers in the area offer educational courses and guided diving trips.
  3. Surfing: If you're a fan of surfing, you can enjoy it on Marium Island's expansive sandy beach. The beach offers excellent opportunities for riding the waves and experiencing the sea's surf.
  4. Fishing: Enjoy the sport of fishing in the waters surrounding Marium Island. You can rent a fishing boat and head to well-known fishing spots to catch local fish.
  5. Boat Trips: Relax and take in the scenic beauty with leisurely boat trips around Marium Island. Enjoy the tranquil journey while basking in the picturesque natural landscapes and the fresh sea air.
  6. Swimming and Relaxing on the Beaches: Maryam Island boasts beautiful sandy beaches ,( Sharjah beach , sharjah corniche), where you can swim and unwind under the sun. Spend quality time on the beach and enjoy the captivating natural surroundings.

All of these exciting recreational activities have encouraged many people to come to Sharjah and specifically look for apartments for sale on Marium Island to enjoy and relax within this enchanting island. Sharjah Specifically, searching for apartments for sale on Maryam Island to enjoy and relax on this charming island.

Please note that the availability of water activities may vary depending on the region's laws and regulations, as well as the season. It is advisable to check with local tourist centers or marine tour offices on Marium Island for more specific information about the aforementioned water activities available on the island.

What about Studios and Shops on the Island?

Maryam Island in Sharjah offers a variety of studios and commercial shops to meet the needs of residents and investors. These units are part of a luxurious real estate development aimed at providing a distinctive lifestyle in a strategic location on the waterfront.

Studios are available in various sizes and feature contemporary designs that reflect elegance and comfort. These units are characterized by luxurious finishes and intelligent design that efficiently utilizes space.

Studios include living and sleeping areas, fully equipped kitchens, and elegant bathrooms. Residents also enjoy breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea or the beautiful urban landscapes and sharjah corniche.

Is Marium Dubai Restaurant located near Marium Island Apartments for Sale?

Marium Dubai Restaurant is an Asian restaurant located in the Marina area in Dubai. You can indulge in a diverse array of delecious Eastern and Western dishes, providing a perfect place to relish a wide spectrum of culinary delights.


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Maryam Island, Sharjah

House Prices in Sharjah

House prices in Sharjah are influenced by several factors, and among the important factors affecting price fluctuations:

  1. Location: The location is one of the key factors in determining the price of a home. Areas close to the city center or coastal areas typically have higher values. Having beautiful natural landscapes or a sea view can also increase the value.
  2. Size: The size of the house and the associated land area have an impact on the price, with larger homes typically being more expensive.
  3. Design and Finishes: Modern design and luxurious finishes can increase the value of a home. The presence of facilities like swimming pools or beautiful gardens can also affect the price.
  4. Supply and Demand: The balance between supply and demand in the real estate market can affect prices. If there is high demand for properties and limited supply, prices are likely to rise, while the opposite may lead to price reductions.
  5. Infrastructure and Services: Advanced infrastructure and accompanying services such as schools, hospitals, and commercial centers can enhance the attractiveness of an area and influence prices.
  6. Economic Conditions: General economic conditions in the region and economic changes can impact property prices.

Please note that these factors are general and may vary from one neighborhood to another and from one market to another. It is always recommended to consult with local real estate agents or developers for more accurate and specific information about house prices in Sharjah.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marium Island Apartments for Sale

  1. Are there apartments for sale on Marium Island in Sharjah?

Yes, apartments for sale are available on Marium Island.

  1. What types of apartments are available for sale on Marium Island?

Elegant and luxurious apartments are available for sale on Marium Island in Sharjah.

  1. Do the apartments come with high-quality fixtures?

Yes, the apartments come with high-quality fixtures for comfort and luxury.

  1. Do the apartments for sale on Marium Island in Sharjah offer sea views?

Yes, the apartments for sale on Marium Island offer charming and scenic sea views.

  1. Are there hotel services available in the apartments?

The presence of hotel services may vary depending on the specific apartment complex. It's advisable to inquire with the local property management for detailed information on available services.

  1. Are there a variety of apartment options available?

Yes, there is a diverse range of apartments available to choose from to suit various customer needs.

  1. Are there entertainment and recreational options near Marium Island apartments for sale?

Yes, there are various entertainment and recreational facilities near the apartments, such as restaurants, cafes, and shops.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Maryam Island apartments for sale in Sharjah offer a fantastic opportunity for investment and living in a home with a charming view of the sea. These elegant and luxurious apartments come with high-quality fixtures for comfort and luxury. Additionally, the property provides hotel services such as room service, security, and maintenance in addition to Sharjah industrial area 6.

Marium Island combines natural beauty and scenic views, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and beautiful sandy beaches. The property also provides access to entertainment and recreational facilities in the area, making your residential experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

For more information about Marium Island apartments for sale in Sharjah, you can contact Mada Real Estate, a reputable and experienced real estate development company in Dubai.


Buying a property in Istanbul, contact Mada Real Estate Company

Buying a property in Istanbul, contact Mada Real Estate Company

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