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Advantages of investing in the Catalca region

Advantages of investing in the Catalca region

The Chatalca district of Istanbul or God’s paradise on earth. If you are looking for Turkey’s paradise, then the Chatalca district of Istanbul is what you are looking for. There you will enjoy calm, comfort and distance from the crowds. This region is characterized by its green nature that covers large areas, and is dotted with forests and agricultural lands. That makes a person feel that Mother Nature opens her arms to him.

Catalca is one of the largest regions in European Istanbul, and it is famous for the abundance of vital facilities, and the economy of that region derives its strength from the industrial and agricultural sectors. In this article, we will take you, dear reader, to an informational tour of that region in which you deserve to take a realistic tour.

Where is Catalca located?

Many people ask the question where is the Catalca region?

And in answer to the question, where is the Chatalca region located?

Çatalca (Turkish: Çatalca) is a municipality located in the far west of Istanbul, Turkey. It is also one of the largest areas in European Istanbul, and even the most important area in the western part of the ancient city.

  • Its population is 72,966 people, according to the latest census of 2018, and it is 60 km away from the city center, and it is considered the largest area of the city of Istanbul at all, and it is bordered by the regions of Arnavutkoy, Silivri, and Büyükçekmece.
  • To the west of the municipality of Chatalca lies the city of Tikrdag, and the Black Sea is located to the north of that famous municipality, and it has a long coast overlooking it, which makes it enjoy impressive tourist specifications that tourists and investors from all over the world search for, as that region is known as the area of search for peace and tranquility and distance from the hustle and bustle of the world And its noise, it is an ideal stable for those looking for life with the goodness of nature and the gentle breeze.

Advantages of investing in the Catalca region and its features

Is site Area Catalca makes it a tourist area?

Many tourists and others looking for investment opportunities in Turkey are wondering Where is Catalca located? The site is the cradle of making projects, and the location of that municipality has wonderful advantages, including:

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  • There is Lake Turkos and the Sazli Dere Dam, and Istanbul provides it with all its water needs.
  • Its location gave it a number of villages, some of which are 500 years old, and each village is full of trees and wide green spaces.
  • It is worth noting that the buildings that hosted the Greeks still exist in Chatalja, and therefore they are visited by tourists seeking to learn about the effects of that exciting time period.
  • It is possible to come to Çatalca by car or by sea as well, and the wonderful thing is that you can reach the municipality of Çatalca by taking the Eminonu sea bus to where Büyükçekmece is, and from there you travel to Çatalca only 17 km.

The impact of Catalca's location on its economy

And as a continuation of our answer to the question, Where is the Chatlja region located? We will explain the impact of this site on the economy of the region, and in fact the effect is very good as it:

  • The municipality's economy depends on agriculture and livestock, and of course its location gave it fertile arable land throughout the year.
  • One of the most famous cultivations in Çatlıca is the cultivation of barley, melons and various vegetables
  • A large part of Catalca's economy is based on industry, particularly the textile industry.
  • We have to point out here that Çatalca is the region that includes the largest number of villages in Istanbul, and is the smallest region in Istanbul after the islands and Sile in terms of population.

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Advantages of investing in the Catalca region and its investment advantages

Services in the Catalca region

Çatalca is the place about which Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror said: “I entrusted this city to God.” He knew its historical value and contemporary importance, and now that city has made a name for itself through mega projects and multiple investment opportunities that it offers to local and foreign investors as well.

Çatlıca is a city of entertainment and services, and we provide a brief overview of it as follows:

  • Government hospitals are widely spread, and this encourages visitors to come, and even encourages stability in the city.
  • Throughout the city, there are nature reserves that are a great opportunity for camping enthusiasts.
  • The city overlooks the sandy coast, which pulsates with magic. It is said that whoever visits this coast wishes to live there forever.
  • In Çatlıca, there is the Cultural Center, and seminars and training courses are held in it, which are very popular.
  • The city has a lot of sports facilities, so it is a great place to live for you and your family.
  • To learn more about the important services, follow along with us, as we are still walking among the streets of Çatlıca, which pulsates with civilization studded with diamonds of reality.

Transportation network in the Catalca region

Here we are talking about one of the most important services in the region ChatljaIt has a vital transportation network, where:

  • The city center is close to the new Istanbul Airport, the distance is only about half an hour by car.
  • The city's proximity to the new airport gives it great investment opportunities and encourages housing.
  • There are a large number of roads that have been opened, all of which bring Çatlıca closer to Istanbul, which made residents abandon the congestion of Istanbul to the calmness of Çatlıca.
  • There are various buses that transport passengers to and from Catalca, with ease, comfort and safety.

Advantages of investing in the Catalca region and its investment advantages with us

Health services in the Catalca region

Many ask about the most important services in the Chatalca region? In fact, health services come at the forefront of the most important services provided in the city of Çatlıca, especially Çatlıca Governmental Hospital, as it:

  • One of the most important government hospitals, as it includes most of the basic medical specialties.
  • The hospital relies on the latest international technologies and equipment in treating patients.
  • Çatlıca State Hospital has different departments, where there is the Department of Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Neurology, Orthopedics and Traumatology.
  • There are also departments of urology, cardiology, dermatology and venereal diseases, women and children's health, dentistry, and many others.
  • All residents of the city and expatriates can book an appointment with Çatlıca Ilias Gokay Governmental Hospital and clinics by using the mhrs application or website by using the TC number that is found on the residence or kmlik.

Investment features in Arnavutkoy

Schools in the Catalca region

  • We know that every expatriate or investor has children, and there is an obsession with access to the best schools in Turkey, and the best educational curricula suitable for educating children, but if the Catalca region is your destination, you should be assured that it includes a group of the best Turkish schools and universities such as Kabakça İlkokul and Özel Çatalca Renkli Rüyalar Anaokulu
  • Turkey provides Arab students with schools that achieve leadership in building students with creative and free thinking, with advanced educational curricula, values that respect cultural difference, and the goal of education in Turkey in general is to achieve international quality indicators.

Advantages of investing in the Catalca region and its investment advantages with Mada

Recreational services in the Catalca region

We know that the investor or the one wishing to reside in any place is looking for entertainment as well as basic services, and Çatlıca is a city that dances in entertainment, and among the most prominent entertainment places there is the Youth Club, which provides the residents with the following:

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  • ÇATALCA GENÇLİK MERKEZİ Youth Club offers a variety of events and trainings.
  • Table tennis is a great sport
  • For fans of artistic activities, you can participate in the singing competition.
  • If you are a fan of the art of drawing, then the Youth Club is an opportunity to develop your talent and learn something new.
  • Sports activities in Catalca are varied to cover different interests.
  • Perhaps the wonderful and important thing about this club is that it is free to participate in it, as it is an entertainment service provided by the municipality of the Catalca region.


Tourist places in the Catalca region

  • The Catalca region is one of the most important places to go if you decide to take a tourist tour in Turkey, as it is close to the center of Istanbul, and between it and the new airport is only about 50 km, and there you are on a date with the beaches that extend on the Black Sea coast on the one hand, and extend on Marmara Sea on the other side.
  • Everyone who visited that region says that we have been on a magical journey to paradise, as the city abounds in tourist resorts and historical monuments, and a large number of cultural houses and amusement parks, as well as picnic areas and barbecues, for example you have the Flamingo region in one Gökçeali village One of the best stations where you can have breakfast and communicate with the charming nature of Catalca.

most important Tourist places in the area Chatlja

Here we are talking about a city endowed with charming nature by God, so it was natural for tourism to form around it, and it is visited by tourists from everywhere, and among the most important tourist areas in that historical city are the following:

  • Yaliköy village, which is one of the most beautiful rural villages located in the northwestern part of the city of Catalca.
  • The charming Avegic Beach, as this beach is located near the village of Yaliköy, and is characterized by its fine sand and clear waters.
  • The historical village of Subashi, which includes a number of historical monuments such as the Fountain of Sultan Selim Juray, the ancient Han Mosque, and the historic Subashi Mosque. This village is also characterized by the presence of perennial trees, some of which date back a thousand years.
  • The caves and caves of Kemal Sunan, which are located in the village of Engiz, and the history of those caves dates back to the first civilizations, and it is said that they were used for worship.

Advantages of investing in the Catalca region and its investment advantages with Mada Real Estate Company

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The cheapest tourist places in the Catalca region

  • Many people ask the question, what are the cheapest tourist places in the Catalca region? In fact, the costs of tourism in Chatalja are reasonable and acceptable, especially when we are talking about a city with integrated tourism services. It is difficult, for example, to get all this amount of services in a European tourist city at the same costs that you would pay in Chatalja. Therefore, preparing your bags and booking a ticket for Chatalja is the decision we encourage you to make. on him.
  • There is also a large group of important tourist areas in the Chatalca region, which will not cost you much to visit, such as the Naqsh Village, the Kabkacha Village Museum, the Mubadala Village, the Long Wall, and other places that will take your mind off the intensity of its beauty. In the presence of Chatalca, history embraces the present. They make a painting that you wish you had lived in for a lifetime.

Advantages of investing in the Catalca region

  • The Catalca region in Istanbul is one of the best areas in which you can establish investment projects, whatever the quality of these projects, where the industrial components that are necessary for establishing factories and opening companies are available, as the Catalca region has vast areas on which you can start an investment project and the profits are guaranteed. Currently, Catalca is an easy city Entry and exit from it, due to the advanced transportation network and roads that bring you to Istanbul Airport within minutes.
  • As for real estate investment in Çatalca, it is considered the most prestigious Turkish city, and it has a large number of apartments suitable for family housing, and although Çatalca abounds with beautiful rural houses, this did not prevent the presence of residential buildings that are classified within modern complexes, we can say that Çatlıca is an opportunity for every investor looking for guaranteed success opportunities, especially in the real estate field.

Is investing in the Catalca region profitable?

One of the advantages of investing in the Catalca region is that success is guaranteed and profit is indisputable, for several reasons related to the state of Turkey itself that encourages investment, as it is a country that knows how to develop its economy as:

  • There is a kind of stability that encourages any investor to be in Catalca and start a project there.
  • There is a permanent possibility of amendment to the investment laws in Turkey.
  • Catalca is characterized by remarkable development in infrastructure, thanks to municipal reforms under the supervision of the Turkish government.
  • The Turkish sector in general is a successful investment center, and the construction of real estate there is the most important investment projects that achieve profits.
  • Turkey does not impose a lot of taxes on investors, to encourage investment.
  • Turkey is a densely populated country, and of course the high population is beneficial for investment projects, as the investor finds the consumer easily and quickly.

Advantages of investing in the Catalca region and its investment advantages with the distinguished Mada Real Estate Company

What is the best investment in the Catalca region?

  • The advantages of investing in the Catalca region are that it is diverse. You can think of any investment project and you will find that the chances of success are open and certain. Turkey has a strong economy that allows it to provide wonderful investment opportunities, as the Turkish economy recorded record growth between 2003 and 2020, as the Turkish economy rose from Ranked 18th in the world in 2003 to 11th in 2020.
  • Real estate investment in Catalca in particular, and Turkey in general, is one of the best types of investment, because real estate investment in general is the most type of investment that preserves capital and helps to increase it, and Catalca opens its lands to investors from all over the world, and this is a good opportunity for every seeker of success in A place of fabulous beauty, nature and resources.

Advantages of buying a property in the Catalca region

The advantages of buying a property in the Catalca region are innumerable, including:

  • Ideal prices, this charming rural area gives you an ideal property at the best possible price.
  • Your property will be half an hour away from the new Istanbul Airport, which is currently one of the largest air transport stations in the world.
  • This area overlooks the Black Sea, which gave it a charming luster, and it is dotted with cafes and restaurants that serve the best seafood.
  • Çatlıca has many factories, which makes it a destination for all job seekers.
  • The real estate projects in that area are modern and characterized by modernity and conform to international standards.
  • Quiet area away from the annoying city noise.

Does buying a property in the Catalca region help in obtaining citizenship?

Turkey has established some regulations that allow obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the methods of obtaining citizenship included buying a property in Turkey, and we explain this as follows:

  • The decisions published in the Official Gazette in 2018 set the minimum amount for purchasing a property at $250,000.
  • The new amendment, which became effective from June 13, 2022, was made, when foreigners can apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth 400,000 US dollars.
  • Accordingly, the foreign investor is granted Turkish citizenship directly, and they can benefit from all the advantages of the Turkish passport when purchasing a property whose value is not less than 400 thousand dollars.
  • Thus, the most important advantages of buying a property in the Chatalca region is the advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship with ease and simplicity, as you become a Turkish citizen with the same rights that the state approves and you have the same duties.

Thus ended our trip in the Catalca region, that famous tourist area in Turkey. Do not visit Istanbul without asking about the Catalca region. It is your chance if you are looking for a wonderful investment opportunity, especially if you want to invest in real estate, as well as if you are looking for a tour. It is difficult to You forget it, but you will always think of repeating it, so you should go to Chatalca, as we have provided you with options, and the choice is now in your hands.

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